Small Businesses Don’t Fail

Hi, I'm George Swift from Bigger Brighter Bolder, and today I'm going to indulge myself, and hopefully indulge you, in reading an excerpt from my book, "67 Kick-Arse Philosophies for Small Business Owners."  

This one is on page 12 and it comes out of the Mindset section, and it's this:  

"Small businesses don't fail, their owners do."  

It's a little bit of tough love, it's a little bit of a brutal concept, I appreciate that, however, when you take it on board, you'll take full responsibility for your success in business, and the only way you can take full responsibility for the success in your business is also taking full responsibility for its failings and its failures. So let's just read this to you.  

"As a small business owner, your business will survive, thrive, or die based on your efforts alone. You don't get to blame external factors. If you want your business to grow, you must grow.  

Your business is an extension of you. It reflects and magnifies who you are at its core. Your values and your strengths will be present, as will your fears and limitations. You are your business's greatest asset and its biggest liability.  

When you're on top form, your business benefits. When you struggle, your business struggles. If you reach your personal limit and plateau, your business will also plateau.  

At Bigger Brighter Bolder, this is our motto: 'Your business is your business. You are our business.'  

We exist to help you, the owner, step up and be all you can be, so your business can be all it can be. Through personal and entrepreneurial development, our Success Groups and Masterminds provide the tools, education, infrastructure, accountability, and culture that enable you to grow your business.  

The vast number of success stories coming out of Success Groups and our Extreme Growth Masterminds is testimony to the effectiveness of this philosophy. Your business needs you to step up and be all you can be so it can be all it can be."  

So in other words, what this is very indelicately suggesting is that if your business does struggle and if your business fails, it's not because the business failed or the business struggled, but actually because you failed to do something yourself. You failed to develop yourself, you failed to do what your business needed you to do, you failed to be creative, innovative, bring the right people in. Does this make sense?  

And I know it's a harsh way of saying it. So rather than saying you failed, if you like, I'm making a statement with this. What it's really saying is, it's your responsibility, right? It's your responsibility if your business succeeds and it's your responsibility if your business doesn't succeed or fails.  

Now that's not to say there are not external factors. Of course there are external factors. There's all kinds of stuff going on in the world right now outside of our control, that maybe makes business harder, maybe makes your business really hard, maybe, if you're a bar or a coffee shop, it's been almost impossible for the past 18 months. A nightclub? Oh my god, almost impossible. I get it. 

However, if we just passively sit back and say, "Oh, my nightclub failed, my bar failed, my business failed," we're missing an opportunity to have an input and an impact in that business to do something.  

Across Success Groups, we had businesses that were absolutely wiped out. March 23rd, 2020, literally, their clients just shut down, their clients stopped spending with them. They were in events companies, stuff like that, where literally they just couldn't do what they did in their business. Ceased trading, instantaneously on that Monday the 23rd, if you remember the day well.  

We helped those business owners to creatively get involved in those businesses, to re-engineer those businesses, to rework those businesses, so that they were still valid businesses and they were still businesses that could function given the restrictions that were in place in the world around us.  

It wasn't easy - I'm not saying that. There were horrible external factors. It'd be very easy for many business owners to roll over and blame, right?  

Now, I'm really critical about certain things, but I'm not going to blame what's going on for any struggle that I might be having myself. There are reasons why I'm struggling. If I fail, for example, it's fundamentally going to be because I missed the opportunity to do something in order to create the opportunity that is always present.  

So a little bit of tough love. I hope you appreciate it and take it from the place that it is given to you.  

If you're interested in this book, I'll drop a link in the comments, and feel free to go and get yourself a little pocket book here, which is, "67 Kick-Arse Philosophies for Small Business Owners." Basically a page per meme, if you like.  

There are my core philosophies from across all my years working in Success Groups with 400-plus business owners, personal development for the last 20-plus years, and I've condensed it into, let's be honest, something you can read on the toilet. You’ve got a couple of minutes, read one, inspire yourself, or read it cover to cover and let me transform your life and your business.  

Have an awesome one, I'll see you next time. 



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