Small business don’t fail, their owners do

As a small business owner, your business will survive, thrive or die based on your efforts alone. You don’t get to blame external factors such as recession or other climate changes. These don’t affect your ability to grow even though a huge company may struggle to survive. You’re more nimble, can evolve, react and adapt where necessary. You’re agile.

If you want your business to grow, you must grow. Your business is an extension of you. It reflects and magnifies who you are at its core. Your values and your strengths will be present, as will your fears and limitations. You are your business’s greatest asset, and its biggest liability. When you’re on top form, your business benefits. When you struggle, your business struggles. If you reach your personal limit and plateau, your business will plateau.

At BBB, our motto is, ”Your business is your business. You’re our business.” In other words, we exist to help you, the owner, become who you need to be. We support and help you create and grow the business you want. For this reason, I don’t position myself as a business coach. I work on you, so you can work on your business. The vast number of success stories coming out of my Success Groups and Extreme Growth Masterminds are testimony to the effectiveness of my philosophy.

Your business needs you to step up and be all you can be, so it can be all it can be.


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BBB Success Groups Mastermind Discovery Day

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