Sales Season is Approaching

We are deep into summer. Summer, for many of us, is starting to come to a close. We're starting to think about the kids going back to school - in my case, my kids going back to university. And we're starting to think about what we need to be doing for the latter part of 2021.  

Sales! I'll tell you now, it's got to be about sales.  

There's a really sweet spot in most people. I call it business biorhythms. We have these natural waves and ebbs and flows of business.  

For most businesses, especially those service-based businesses, and those service-based businesses that are serving other businesses, there is a real sweet spot coming up, which is from middle to end of September, right the way through to the end of November. You might get away with it into December. Then inevitably things are going to get a little bit quieter again, things are going to slow down a little bit.  

So if you've decided that summer is a time for you to relax and chill out as a business owner, to spend time with family and everything else, throw yourself in, enjoy the hell out of that, and then start to get your head in the game.  

Once we get the kids back to school, once business starts to pick up again and people are in the office and the summer holidays are over, we need to really be thinking about going all out in sales.  

It's a very small, sweet spot window that's coming up. As I say, typically middle of September, end of September, through October, through November, for some businesses it starts to get quiet even before they get to the end of November. For others, it can stay busy into the early phases of December. But inevitably, unless you're selling Bailey's, or Christmas crackers, or something like that, realistically business is going to taper off in December. That could end up staying quite quiet right through December, well into January.  

Most people don't really get going again until the second half of January. Some businesses, not even until the beginning of February. So there could be almost a two month quiet spell there where it will be harder for you to sell, harder for you to win new business, and therefore you want to make sure you capitalize on the couple of months that are coming up, where you could do as much business in that 2 months as you can do in 3, 4, 5 months at other times in the year.  

There are two really big sweet spots for sales, in my opinion, for most businesses. Again, understand your own biorhythms, maybe you get super-busy at Christmas, maybe you get mega-busy during the summer holiday. For most of us, it goes quiet in the summer, we get really busy in the autumn, there's a real opportunity out there for new business in autumn, it goes quiet through Christmas and into the new year. Then there's a sweet spot that starts to pick up mid to late February that we can drive right the way through to June, maybe even into early July.  

But these sweet spots that we've got in our calendar, we need to make sure we're doing the right things. And I would argue and urge you that if you want to grow your business, or if you're struggling financially, or you just want to take your business to the next level, you really want to be capitalizing on those good periods, like a great surfer. You don't necessarily have to surf every tiny little wave, what you need to do, is you need to know when the big waves are coming and you need to make sure that you're out there ready to catch them.  

And there is a big wave coming, even in the slightly messed up calendar that we're in at the moment. The world isn't necessarily what it was two years ago, so we're seeing slightly different discrepancies to the patterns that we would have seen in the past. But these two periods are still pretty consistent at the moment.  

We're telling all of our members across Success Groups, from start-up phase all the way through to multiple million pounds. We're telling them to get ready for middle, late September, push hard right the way through to the end of November and into December. And then you'll be able to enjoy your Christmas when maybe things are a little bit drier again.  

So get yourselves head-on, get in the sales game.  

We help our business owners go from being reluctant salespeople to enthusiastic salespeople that absolutely love sales. It's not for everyone - I get it. However, if you are setting up your own business or you do run your own business and you haven't yet got this lesson, I'm going to give it to you right now - a little bit of tough love - which is, you're going to have to do sales.  

I know it's not why you set up your business. However, it's the one thing that's going to get you what you want to get, which is to help more people, you want to build your business, you want to create a lifestyle for yourself, and you want to create an impact in the way that you want to have in the world around you with your clients. The only way you're going to grow your business, the only way you're going to get to do any of that stuff is you're going to have to succumb to the inevitable, which is you becoming the salesperson that your business needs you to be.  

Enjoy your next couple of weeks. Enjoy this period, if this is a bit of downtime for you, but get ready to push the button on your sales activity once we head into autumn. 



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