Sales Season at Success Groups | THE DAILY – G #187

Sales Season at Success Groups | THE DAILY – G #187

Sales Season at Success Groups


It’s sales season at Success Groups and I’m challenging everyone to 28 Days of Sales.


Just finished our awesome session with our awesome success group members.

Today was all about sales and I’m afraid to say if you’re in business and you haven’t yet woken up to this truth business is all about sales.

Business is driven by your sales activity, your sales is what gives you client, your sales is what’s gonna give you your revenue, your turn over, your money, your income it’s what is gonna pay for the rest of your life as well.

So you need to get into the sales game.

The truth of the matter is most small businesses they haven’t come from a sales background and when they start their business of course they didn’t set their business up to be a sales person they set it up to be a coach or they set it up to again be in property or whatever it might be.

And I’m sure whatever it is that you do in your business you didn’t set your business up to be a sales person but here is the thing when you set your business up you also took on the role of sales person for your business so you need to step up to sales.

That’s why we’re doing the 28 day I love sales challenge.

I love Sales 28 Day Challenge

It’s really to help these people break through any negative connotations they have around sales or any bad habits they have about not closing or not going out after opportunities.

All the businesses I’ve worked with who’ve gone from start up to over a million pound the owner absolutely had their butt in the sales chair first and foremost.

And all we’re trying to do there is just built some really good habits the first Monday of the month, the first Monday of the week, the first half hour of every single day is just spent looking at who you need to get in touch with, who you need to follow up with.

It’s just putting sales first it’s not saying sales and nothing else, it‘s not saying sales and then you know forget about all the great service that you’re doing and the great offering that you have it’s not about that.

It’s just putting sales first, get the sales activity right first and then you get to do absolutely everything else in your business.

It can take some more of a mindset shift to do that I actually do have the sales background and when I left sales I had no intention of ever getting back into sales because my time was done alright I had fallen out of love with it and everything else.

It took me a few years of my business I’d been a bit lazy and not doing sales to really realise that I had to step back up and I had to get back in sales.

The difference of course is selling what you love, you’re selling your business, you’re selling your services, you’re selling to people, to clients that I hope you love otherwise you’ll serve them in the market place. 

So guess what? Get your butt in the sales chair, get over any hang ups you might be having and yeah sell, sell, sell.

Today what we’re looking at actually was really targeting ourselves so what we were looking at is things like our conversion rates, we were looking at how much clients are worth to us we were looking at the activity that we need to put in in order to get the results at the bottom end.

So you can be really tunnel focused with your sales activity. So when it comes down to you know what I need to get five proposals out I need to get five proposals out I need to have 20 I need to have 20 one to ones right 20 one to ones.

You know to get 20 one to ones I have to have you 50 days you know you’re super focussed and say right this week, today this month I need to do this much activity to give me this many leads which goes through my sales funnel my sales process it gives me this many clients it gives me the revenue that I need to have the life that I want but also so I can grow my business and to continue to do what it is that I’m doing through my business.

Against the sales I mean this otherwise you are going to struggle.

Don’t look for shortcuts, don’t look for the easy way, just go out there put yourself in front of prospects and sell what it is that you do.

Have an awesome one.

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