Room 102 – Smart not hard

Hello, and welcome! George Swift here from Bigger Brighter Bolder.

Today, we're going to do another Room 102. This is where I put all of the business bullshit that really irritates me - but only if you agree with me.

Majority rules. If I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong and I'll leave it out. I'll leave it out in the world around us.

If you agree with me, however, together, let's send this stuff into Room 102, never to be seen again.

Today, an interesting one. It's a phrase, a term. If you agree with me, by the way, let me know in the comments. And if enough people agree with me, I will send this off to Room 102, so we do not need to suffer it anymore.

Today, it's a phrase, it's a term, and it's this: "Work smart, not..." You can finish it already, can't you? “Work smart, not hard.”

What's my problem with that, do you wonder? Well, my problem with that is really simple. It's the idea that somehow you work smart, but NOT hard?

Should you be working smart? Of course you should be working smart. However, should you be working smart and not hard? Come on, of course not, right? You should be working smart, of course. AND you should be working hard. Working smart is what makes working hard work. And working hard is what makes working smart work.

However, this stuff is thrown out there, like it’s conventional wisdom. “Work smart, but not hard.” It drives me nuts, right? Because subliminally, if we let that thing get into our psyche, we might be forgiven for thinking, "Okay, so I'll just work super-smart for an hour or two a day, and I can somehow be successful.”

It doesn't work like that. We've just been watching the Olympics over here, haven't we. You know, those guys have to work really smart with their training regimes. They’ve got huge experts behind them, from the engineers and the designers all the way through to the trainers and mindset people and everything. I mean, it is a huge team of people making sure that the athletes are working smart.

Trust me, they don't put all that energy and effort into working smart so that the athlete can sit there and turn up and do one hour a day on the velodrome. They don't do that.

The athlete has to show up and work their bloody arse off, and everyone else shows up and works their arses off in order to work really, really hard in the smartest possible way.

So my problem is not with the phrase "working smart", it's with the “not hard” part, and it drives me nuts, and I rant about it to anyone that will listen. And if you occasionally throw this phrase out there, just be mindful about what you're really saying.

Are you really saying, "work smart, not hard", or do you really mean, “Listen, you're working really, really hard. If you work a bit smarter, you get a better result out of that working hard.”

Let's say you're working 100% smart, if that's possible, but if you're only working 50% hard, you can only get that out of it. You'll maximize what you can get out of that 50%. But you're only going to get 100% of 50%.

If you worked 80% hard, and 100% smart, you'd get more out. And if you worked 100% smart, and 100% hard, you'd get the best possible result you could. I don't think working 100% smart and hard is even possible. I think we all occasionally drop the ball on one of those. But clearly, we want to continue to be working hard, whilst increasingly working smart, so that we maximize the opportunities available from all the hard work that we're putting in.

That's my perspective, that's my position on this. Am I right? Am I wrong? Do you agree? Do you disagree with me? It's okay, just be polite about it...

Drop your comments in the comments below and let me know. Should "work smart, NOT hard", go into Room 102 where all the business bullshit goes? Or do you think it's a valid comment, it deserves to have some air time, and it's fundamentally okay?

Maybe it's flawed, and maybe you agree with me a bit but you don't feel that strongly about it. Let it breathe. Leave it in the world. Let it be.

I may or may not be right or wrong on this. Let me know. Tell me. If you agree with me, I'm going to hit the button - I'm going to send this bad boy into Room 102, hopefully never to be spoken, uttered, or heard ever again.

Let me know in the comments below.


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