Room 102 – plagiarisers

Hello, and welcome to, not another episode, another video of Room 102. This is where I put all the business bullshit - if you agree with me and only if you agree with me - into this Room 102, so we never have to suffer it again.  

Let me know, do you agree with me or do you disagree with me? Put your comments in the comments below. Let me know. If you agree with me, I'm going to stick this next one in Room 102 where I believe it absolutely deserves to be. If you disagree with me, I'll bow down to public opinion. I'll bow down to your perspective. And if more people disagree with me than agree with me, I'll leave it alone and I'll let it be, right?  

Today, I am looking at putting in to Room 102, plagiarisers - people that steal concepts, ideas, work, and pass it off as their own.  

Now, I think we could all agree on this one thing - this isn't actually what I'm putting in 102 - I think we all agree that if I go to your website, rip off your website copy, put it as my own website and try and pass myself off as being someone as good and experienced as you, I think we'd all agree to hit the button, send that bastard down to 102. I'm sure we agree on that.  

However, that's not we want to look at, because I think we all agree on that. You're going to agree with me that just stealing someone's work and passing it off as your own is clearly an abomination. It should go straight into Room 102.  

There's a grey area in the middle here that I'm going to share with you. This is the grey area that I want to put in there.  

Now, I don't mind if you're inspired by something that I've said any more than if I go and listen to you speak and you inspire me to have a thought of my own, and then I share that thought, right? And I might or might not credit you. I might not in the moment think, "Oh, I was listening to John Smith speaking on stage and he said this and it made me think this." So I may or may not credit the person that stimulated the thought in myself. Same as I wouldn't expect every person that's read my book, for example, who got an idea out of this book or took one of my concepts - made them think of something and then they shared that to their audience - I wouldn't expect them to necessarily credit me. If they literally took one of these and ripped it off, I would expect them to credit me for it. I really would and I would do the same thing for you or anyone else.  

The grey area is the bit I want to put into Room 102, which is where you are stealing someone else's stuff. You're not inspired by what they said. You're not out and out thieving it and reproducing it identically. But you are portraying yourself as something that you're not. In other words, you're portraying yourself as a philosopher when you do no philosophy of your own. You read someone else's philosophy and then you just regurgitate that. You might change a few words or so, like you did when you were at school if you copied someone else's work, you might change a few words to just make enough of a change so you don't get done for it. But fundamentally, you're robbing someone's idea. Not as blatantly as just ripping it off and then just doing it. But there's that grey area in the middle. 

So on one end, you've got, "I'm inspired by what you said. I'm inspired by what I read. I subconsciously took that on board and I put my own spin on it without even really knowing that I was taking information." For me, that's okay. I think that's okay to do. You can do it with my stuff and I'm sure I've done it with other people's stuff.  

Blatant thieving = bad. Grey area in the middle - how do you feel about that grey area in the middle? It's the coach that goes on somebody else's course, makes notes on that course, uses those notes to create their own course. Do you agree with me or not agree with me?  

They were inspired by someone else's programme and they took that programme and they made some changes of their own and recreated a programme. Is that theft or is that inspiration?  

I think being inspired by someone is okay. I think out-and-out thievery is bad. I think we all agree on that. The grey area in the middle, how do you feel about that grey area?  

Look, we all do it occasionally, there's no question. There's loads of information in the world around us. There's loads of stuff going on. We're picking up stuff all over the place from books and podcasts and seminars and these videos I put out there, videos you put out, no doubt, and everything else, right? So obviously no one owns any specific thought. I get that. Because you know, all thought is an amalgamation of all previous thought. I get all of that. 

I'm not being overly precious about ‘my creativity and my genius.’    

What I'm looking at is, do you think it's right or wrong that someone takes a book, takes the concept, rewrites it, delivers it as their own? Does it have merit?  

If so, tell me why, or do you think it's time to hit the button, send it into Room 102.  

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Let me know.  

Again, I have many strong opinions on this as you know, however, I will bow down to public opinion. If I'm wrong on this one and the majority of you say, "Look George, I know you're saying it’s a grey area. I think it's okay."  

If it is, I'll let it be. I will leave it in the world around me. I will not send it to Room 102. If, however, you agree with me, let's hit the button collectively and send all that stuff down into the basements of Room 102 never to be seen ever again.  

Let me know - comments in the comment section below. Do you agree, do you disagree? Any other thoughts you might have on the subject, and I'll see you next time. 



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