Reconnect with your purpose

Reconnect with your purpose

Have you been re-evaluating whether or not you should be running a business lately? 🤔


Let me tell you what I think has happened.

Over the last three months, the world changed, and the uncertainty may be making you fearful.

As human beings, we go into survival mode and we shut down parts of our brain to focus on the task that needs to be done – it’s all about how we survive. Perfectly understandable.

However, that survival mode is only meant to be temporary. And the problem is many of us are still stuck there.

We must shift from survival mode back into focusing on our clients.

We need to get back to WHY we set up our business and reconnect with our service – there we will find our motivation.

It’s the chemical reaction in our brain that gets us wanting to do the tasks that need to be done because there’s a sense of purpose attached to it.

So, if you’re struggling and you think you might be in survival mode, shift back into service and focus on how to help your clients:

What is going on for them right now❓
Where are they right now ❓
How can you help ❓

Take a look at past testimonials, just to remind yourself of the impact that you’ve had so far in your business. It will massively change your energy levels and your focus. 🙂

If you want to talk about your business, give me a call.

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