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The 28 day self-esteem reboot book
The Self-Esteem Reboot is a complete programme with daily lessons and exercises, a 72-page workbook and online access to support videos and bonus content. It is proven to boost
self-esteem and confidence levels with just a small investment of your time each day. Whilst this programme has been designed specifically to reboot your self-esteem and confidence, its lessons have far greater value. Think of it as a manual for creating the life you choose and living it on your terms – a self-empowerment handbook for living your best life as your best self.

Success and happiness start with self-esteem

Self-esteem affects everything from confidence and personal performance to happiness and even health.

In fact, the overall quality of your life is directly linked to your self-esteem.

You’re overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and unease. You over-deliver and undercharge because you secretly think you’re not worth high fees.  You can’t say “no” and never ask for testimonials because you’re scared of what they might say.

Working on your self-esteem is the first step to putting in boundaries, charging what your service is worth and not working all the hours.


In addition to all the personal benefits of greater self-esteem, as a business owner, you probably don’t need me to tell you how having more confidence would positively affect your success.

From sales, to pricing, to managing difficult customers, more confidence and self-esteem enable you and your business to achieve greater results.

Self-esteem is what will unlock your potential to sell with confidence and have the kind of clients and work that light you up.


The 28-Day Self-Esteem Reboot is a full four-week programme consisting of daily exercises, daily lessons and ongoing coaching. You will see measurable improvements in how you feel about yourself and life. On this journey, you will work out what makes you tick, what makes you happy and how you can make life work better for you.


“It was just a mind blowing game changer for me.”

Susanna Lytle 

“It was absolutely transformative, and I cannot praise it highly enough.”

Emma Humphrey – Genius Marketing 

“I just wanted to say thank you. I know it’s early days but the info I’ve picked up and also been reminded of over the last 7 days is phenomenal!

I’ve got my mojo back already and can actually see immediately that all I need is 10 decent web builds in 12 months to exceed where I was 5 years ago never mind all the good stuff I’ve got going around in my head about how to get my turnover passed 100 already. All probably wrong but the thoughts are there! I don’t think since I’ve been going I have ever taken such a huge look at my business in such a short space of time and I know I’m just scratching the surface. 

I can’t wait to get a sales strategy in place. That’s the only bit that left me head scratching a bit yesterday as I currently ONLY work on referral or with existing clients, who I don’t sell to.”

Lorraine Cheney – Navitas Design Ltd

This was groundbreaking for me, especially the chapters on self-forgiveness and guilt. The program is entertaining, easy to read and understand, and very inexpensive (<£20) for what it does, and for a little bit of time investment everyday for a month, it is truly transformative. However beware. Some of the exercises and lessons may trigger unexpected emotional reactions to the unearthing of realisations, habits and responses that have been buried for years, but rest assured it’s all part of the healing process and the level of self-awareness and self-acceptance that comes with the program certainly helped me enormously. Just keep a box of tissues nearby. Many thanks to George and his crew who’ve created the program, support videos and materials to help anyone whose self-esteem needs some TLC.

Clare Daniels



How will a book help with my self-esteem? 

This little book packs a big punch. If you do follow the daily tasks and do the work, you’ll start seeing a difference in how you feel before the end of the course. See the Reboot through to the end and you’ll have a strong foundation for building your self-esteem.

I’ve tried working on my confidence before and it didn’t seem to last

Self-esteem and confidence are an ongoing process. Many of our clients go through this Reboot multiple times. Each time to give themselves the boost they need, when they need it.

How will I know if the Reboot worked?

Aside from seeing a difference in your life, we’ve also set up a tool so you can measure your self-esteem in all areas of your life both at the start and end of the Reboot. This way you can see how much it’s made a difference and the areas where you need more support.

How will self-esteem help in my business?

Self-esteem is the one thing that separates you from that person who you know charges more for your services but doesn’t do half as good a job. Or help you attract clients who respect your boundaries.

How much experience do you have building self-esteem?

George has over 25 years of experience in empowering individuals and teams  to improve personal performance. He’s been involved in
inner-city rejuvenation projects, with people living under constant threat of violence, the Prince’s Trust and many high-profile businesses. He’s coached individuals, CEOs, sales and sports teams to achieve high levels of performance. The 28-Day Reboot has grown out of this work to reach more small service-based business owners.

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