Reaching your limits is not the end of the story | THE DAILY – G #192

Reaching your limits is not the end of the story | THE DAILY – G #192

Don’t mistake hitting your limits for achieving your potential.

There are limitation in place to what you can achieve. These might be internal, self-imposed limitations or external limitations, limitations to resources, skill or ability.

It’s important to acknowledge when you are approaching or hitting the limit of your success whilst also acknowledging that it’s only your current limit which bares little to no relation to your overall potential.

We can raise the bar on our limitations. We can grow ourselves through personal development or expanded experience, we can up-skill and we can access greater resources. Your limit is just your current limit limited but these factors. You can surrender and stop growing, developing and improving or you can LEVEL UP, reset and raise the bar and go again.

Limits are just stepping stones on the way to achieving your potential. They’re opportunities to be tested and challenged. They’re a calling for more; to dig deeper, to fight harder. They’re an opportunity to level up and embrace greater possibility.

Don’t mistake hitting your limits for achieving your potential.

Hello, good evening to you. It’s Thursday night, really long day today. Just had a chill out evening actually to be honest with you, just with Tracey and children in front of the TV as a wind down to a very long day of one-to-one coaching.

It was all my boys today and I coached them on a whole host of on business issues and obviously on personal development issues, entrepreneurial issues, mindset issues et cetera.

One of the things that came out of one the conversations I thought I would share with you, as a really quick kind of video for you today was the difference between your limitations or your limit and your potential.

One of the guys came in today and I said to him at one point, you know you’re probably just reaching your limit. And he didn’t like this because he felt that he had so much more to offer, he had so much more potential. So I gave him this really clear distinction and I thought it might be important for you at home.

The difference was this. At any one moment, there is a limit to what you can achieve based on a whole host of factors.

In terms of your personal development, it’s the limitation on your self belief, your belief in what you can do, your confidence, your self-esteem, your certainty, your skills, your ability, all those sort of things.

In terms of your business, it could be systems, processes, your staff et cetera, your resources you have available to you.

All these things that in one moment put in a cap, a limit of what you’re able to achieve given the status quo as it is today.

However that doesn’t necessarily bear any relationship to what your potential is.

Okay, does this make sense? Our job in business, our job in life, is to continually raise the ceiling on that limitation.

It’s what I call levelling up.

We level ourself up, level our business up, level our abilities, our skills et cetera.

We level them up.

What that does is really raise the bar for where that next limitation is.

And if we keep on raising that bar, we get closer and closer to achieving our ultimate true potential. So yes it’s possible right now.

If you’re not moving forward, you are not growing. If your business isn’t developing, you’re not growing. It’s possible you have hit your limit. But do not mistake that, as in you’ve achieved your potential. There’s so much more out there for you.

What you need to do is break down the wall of limitation.

And again the biggest limitation is the one here.

Level yourself up, you know, level up in terms of your confidence, your mindset, your attitude towards business et cetera.

But also, of course you’re gonna have to level up potentially your business as a whole.

As long as you keep raising the bar of where that limitation is, ahead of where you’re coming from, okay then you should never absolutely hit that bar and bounce off it.

Realistically however in my own business, in my own life as well, occasionally we hit the ceiling.

Okay we didn’t know it was there, we hit the ceiling, we bounce off it. And what we have to do then is go back to our basics, our personal development, our personal growth, look at our business, processes, systems, all that sort of stuff.

Raise the bar and then we can continue on our journey.

Really short video with you today ’cause it was super late, super tired.

But I thought that was a really clear distinction.

Don’t mistake your limitation, your current level of limitation for your potential.

Understand that if you are hitting that limit, we just need to level things up a little bit to take us further and increase the possibility that’s on offer to us and slowly takes us towards our overall potential.

Right, I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

I hope you had an awesome one.

One more day to go.

It’s Friday tomorrow so make sure you make it count.

Do your planning first in the morning.

Make sure you do what you need to do in order to finish the week super strong.

That’s gonna be my message tomorrow morning.

You know it, it always is.

Have an awesome one, goodnight.


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