[Episode 18] Stop Being Subservient To Your Clients – Podcast

You don’t work for anyone anymore. You run your own business and you are a master of your fortunes. So stop being subservient!

It’s not good for you or your clients for you to be down the pecking order, “yes sir”ing and “no sir”ing. You are being hired for your skills, knowledge or craft and you cannot perform your function well if you are just doing what you are told to do.

I never work ‘for’ a client. I always work ‘with’ my clients. We are joint partners in gaining the outcome desired by the client and for that to happen, sometimes I need to push back.

Set out your stall from the get-go and you won’t fall into the trap of being subservient again. It’s good for you, it’s good for your clients and it’s best for the outcome.

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