[Episode 17] Business Is Skillset, Entrepreneurism Is A Mindset – Podcast

There are skills you can learn in business, whether it’s cash flow, organisational skills, mergers, acquisitions, how to hire and fire, logistics or law. Learning and possessing these skills will certainly help you in business, but they won’t set you apart.

Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Princeton all churn out top-level MBAs, and while I’m sure most recipients will get great jobs, that doesn’t qualify them for entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurism is an attitude. It’s get-up-and-go. It’s live or die by your own actions and activity. It’s disruptive and non-conformist. Entrepreneurs solve problems and unsettle the status quo.

When I picture these MBAs, I imagine them sitting behind a desk or in meetings, oiling the wheels of industry, running systems and processes.

When I think of great entrepreneurs, I think of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk. I see Mavericks, inventors, and creators. I see people who change the landscape of the world. I see people who stand out because of their ‘E-Factor’, their ‘Entrepreneurial Factor’. Many hugely successful entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily great at business. It’s not their business skills that set them apart, it’s their MINDSET.

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