Plugging Your Gaps

Hello and welcome. George Swift here, from Bigger Brighter Bolder 

I've got a few slides to run through here with you. It's about plugging your gaps. In fact, the importance of surrounding yourself with people that have skillsets and abilities different to your own. Absolutely essential. Our whole mastermind model is based around this. 

You don't want 10 people in a room that all have the same skillsets and all have the same weaknesses or vulnerabilities. You want to make sure that everyone in the room has different skillsets, different strengths and different weaknesses. And together we unite, we come together and we are much, much stronger because of it.  

This is the absolute core philosophy of everything we run at BBB, in our Success Groups, and our Masterminds - whether they are literally businesses that are just starting out, all the way through to businesses doing multiple hundreds of thousands in turnover.  

So, today we're looking at plugging your gaps, specifically with other people. Your peer group, if you like.  

So are you surrounded? Do you have a peer group first and foremost? If you don't, you're missing out on a huge opportunity.  

If you have a negative peer group, you're probably better off on your own. If it's a positive peer group, you are definitely going to be better off with those people around you. Here's my really quick fly-through model and analogy as to why it's so powerful and why it's so essential in business.  

This is you, this little plate. Imagine it's a steel plate, okay? And the bits that are shaded in are the strength, the metal, and the holes are the gaps in your game - your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses, it could be skill sets, it could be anything else. So these are your weaknesses.  

When you have this, and this is you on your own, there's real vulnerability to this, and if there’s any kind of real pressure test to it, there's a chance that that metal is going to tear, buckle, break, fracture, whatever.  

So when you have someone else that has different strengths and different weaknesses - and in this case, I'm using an analogy of just four people (in our masterminds we can have anything from 10 to 20, depending on the group of people who are in but imagine you've got these four) - these are your gaps and your weaknesses and your strengths, and then the other person comes in and overlays you. And they have their own strengths and they have their own weaknesses. And then the third person comes in and they have their strengths and their weaknesses. And then the fourth person comes in, they have their strengths and weaknesses.  

So between you, you end up with this solid piece - let's call it aluminium - solid piece of aluminium, whereas individually, you had some big gaps in your game. This is why it's so important to surround yourself with the right people. The right people share enough with you, have enough commonality with you, but have enough not in common with you, does that make sense? This is really important.  

We always attract people like us, and we like people like us. But actually, to strengthen our game, we need people that are like us in enough ways, but different to us in enough ways as well.  

And this is what we've perfected through Bigger Brighter Bolder, our Success Groups, creating these environments and these cultures where this really works well and really pays off for our members.  

So your mission is to surround yourself with the right people. This message to you is the importance of doing that.  

This whole analogy comes from my partner in life and business, Tracey’s, father and he used to work in the RAF, and he was talking about sheets of metal.  

And I'm sure it's similar now, but we're going back obviously 20, 30 years, maybe more than that, but what they used to do - and I'm sure they still do - is instead of having a five millimetre block of aluminium, what they would do is they'd have five, one millimetre sheets of aluminium welded together into a five millimetre block. The idea being really simply that if you had a five millimetre block of aluminium, like this, for example, if you had a flaw in that aluminium, it would go right through the whole sheet, which means you've created a weak spot. So under huge pressure, which obviously aircraft are under, potentially that fractures, that breaks, that ruptures, bends, twists - either way, you're falling out the sky, right?  

So by having, let's say we have 160 pages in this book, you could say, imagine each of these pages has its own vulnerability in it. You can see that the other pages together are going to be much, much stronger, because they all have different strengths and different weaknesses.  

Now, if you're in a Mastermind, you wouldn't want 160 people in that Mastermind, it'd be overwhelming and too many. But if you've got anywhere, like I say, 10 people up to maybe 20 people, depending on how you run the mastermind - we run ours slightly different, depending on what level people are at - fundamentally, what you end up with is every individual is in a much stronger place because of the other individuals that they are surrounding themselves with.  

So make sure you've got the right peer group around you. If you haven't, come and talk to us, because we've got one that would love you to be a part of it, and I'm sure they'd love to be a part of yours.  

Either way, just make sure that you're not going it alone, you're not trying to do it all on your own, because something is going to break, something's going to give. We are much, much, much, much stronger when we unite, when we work together, when we collaborate. 



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