Only 5% of people apply what they learn | THE DAILY – G #191

Only 5% of people apply what they learn | THE DAILY – G #191


Went to an awesome sales training day and was reminded of a shocking statistic I heard. 5% or less of people actually do anything with the training and education they receive.


Bonkers right?!


Mindful of this, I immediately schedule time in my diary to go back through the teachings and more importantly, look at where and how I can apply it.


Good afternoon to you, it’s Wednesday afternoon.

The reason I didn’t jump on here first thing this morning is because first thing this morning genuinely really was first thing this morning.

I’m not particularly a lark, however I had to crowbar myself out of my bed this morning so I could get up and go to a sales training session for a number of reasons.

One, actually, because I just love education, I always wanna broaden my knowledge in all areas around business and life and that matter.

And also because we’re looking at potentially doing some work with this guy and just seeing how the two companies might fit together. Absolutely blown away, genuinely, with the quality of the training this morning. We had a nice lunch as well…

(I’ll just go get my dog, hang on a minute. Okay, we’ll try that again. I was literally about to lose my dog out onto the street here.)

Where was I? Yeah, absolutely blown away by the quality of the training this morning.

For me, right, you know, yes I’m into business skills, yes I’m into your systems, your processes, I mean, so all these kind of things, right, business knowledge, acumen.

However, the big thing that I am absolutely 100% championing is really simple, which is ability isn’t really what is gonna make you successful, it’s the application of the skills that you have.

So whilst I always wanna increase my skills, I wanna level up my knowledge, et cetera, what we champion in our business is really simple, right?

It’s you, the business owner, through your mindset, your attitude, your behaviours, applying the skills that you have and the skills that you gain.

Most people go to sales training and literally do nothing with it. I saw a statistic that says less than 5% of people that go on a training program or training course actually implement anything at all.

Turned up to sales training, part of me a little bit skeptical, used to do some sales training in the old days and I have bit of a bumpy past with sales trainers, et cetera.

And you know what? Absolutely blown away. It was like literally 80% if not more of what we were talking about was the mindset, the behavioural aspects around selling, and yet there were some amazing strategies, techniques, just little mini, like, one-liners of things you can say, and how to open people up, and blah, blah, blah, right?

The process behind selling. But a big chunk of it was the psychology behind selling, the mindset behind selling, so absolutely, massively in alignment. And even though I have had numerous sales jobs in my career, obviously I still sell in my current business now. Literally I almost threw away my old sales process for an area of our business and pretty much rewriting it there and then in the room.

So I’ve gotta go back to the drawing board and reevaluate, actually, some of our sales processes, and myself personally, how I’m selling when I get in front of people.

My message today, I guess so far this morning, is really simple, which is absolutely you wanna level up, you wanna get skills training.

I’ve just invested a good few hours of my time, I had to get up at the crack of dawn, which is painful enough for me, and we’ve given up, what, it’s like three o’clock in the afternoon now, so it’s pretty much given up most of my day to this. What’s the point in doing the training, what’s the point in giving up your time if you’re not actually gonna do anything with what it is that you learned.

You don’t have to take everything from anything. I’m telling you that I wrote 16 pages out today out of three hours of training.

I mean, literally, just over five pages of content that I’m writing of how I can apply what I’m listening to. So I’m not making notes on what he’s saying, I’m listening to what he’s saying translating that into how do I apply this, what does it mean to me, what am I gonna do with this information. 16 pages I gotta go through to go back and rewrite some of my processes behind how we sell some of our offerings.

If you’re gonna do training, I do recommend you do, understand this. The skill themself is not gonna change your business, the ability you learn is not gonna change your business.

I could give you an absolute sales formula for success, I could give you an absolute business formula for success, I could literally give you a business in a box and unless you apply it, you’ll get nothing from it.

That’s why we worked really heavily on the mindset of the actual behaviour.

This guy, even though he’s into sales, he’s into business, ’cause obviously big business growth like we are, absolutely gets in here first and foremost, a massive fan of the same stuff that we are.

So do do your training, do do your up-skilling, but I’m telling you now, all the skills in the world will not make you successful unless you apply what you’ve already got, unless you apply the skills that you gain, unless you do something with it, it’s absolutely nonsense, it’s meaningless, all it is is another five-hour course, another 500 quid, 1000 pound, 10000 pound, weekend away, whatever it is that you have to commit to this training you’re gonna go on, it’s just another load of money to go into something that isn’t gonna make any impact on your business at all.

You have to use it, you have to do something with it every single time you’re in the presence of education, every time you’re in the presence of up-skilling, you’ve always gotta be asking a simple question, “How does this relate to me, what am I gonna do with this?”

Then you’re gonna bring it back. You then have to work on it, bring it into your commitments, your goals, et cetera, and your plans, your strategies, and then actually f******g do something with the education, the knowledge, the skills, the abilities that you have and the ones that you pick up.

Wow, that was a big old monologue, wasn’t it?

I’ll check in with you in just a little bit, I’ve got a couple of hours of work, then we’ll get this sorted out ’cause it’s a little bit out of control.

Have an awesome one and I’ll check in with you in just a little bit.

Okay, so just had the hair well and truly chopped by the lovely Scott of Bravo Hairdressing.

Now it’s time to go back home, it’s half past five, which means what? Not the end of a day, of course, we’re only about halfway, maybe 2/3 through.

The entrepreneurial day, I’ve got a good few hours of work still to do later on today.

I thought what I’d add to you, actually, ’cause I’ve come back from that training this morning, tons of training, half past three, I’ve got stuff I have to do this afternoon, or did have to do before I could come down here, so I haven’t got time to go through my notes, haven’t got time to back over what I learnt this morning.

I haven’t even got time, certainly, to look at how I can apply this moving forward. So what I did do, before I moved on to any other task, was find a slot in my diary so that I could put aside the time to go back over what I learnt today, go back over my notes and look at how I can apply the training, where I can apply the training, how it can affect my own sales process, my own sales funnels. That day happens to be Saturday.

I always say it’s, “Saturday, day six of the entrepreneurial week”.

So yeah, I thought I’d add that to you, right, if you go to any training, et cetera, it’s always good, normally, to give yourself a little bit of processing time afterwards, for me and Tracey it was a chat in the car, et cetera.

However, I learnt so much today there was no way I was gonna process everything in just the one hour back in the car.

So put some time aside, go back over your notes, go back over your training, ask the two questions I keep saying, “How does this relate to me, how does it relate to my business, how does it relate to my own business right now, where and how can I apply this?”

Ask those questions of yourself, then you’ll take that information and you’ll start looking at how you can apply that information.

But you do need to take the time to do this. As I keep saying, I said earlier, you know, most people don’t apply anything.

The reason is, you on training, you go, “Wow, that’s amazing, that’s great”, and then you move on with your life. Even if you do move on with your life, you know, that processing time, put a time in your diary, if the training was good, if you got good notes, make sure you find a hole within the next few days, next week maximum, to take time to really go over it again and look at how you can apply it.

I mean this, that’s how you’re gonna get the most out of your training.

Otherwise, you’ve just spent some time, just spent some money, learning some good shit that makes no difference whatsoever.

Right, heading home and getting on with the last part of my working day.

Have a good one. That brings us to the end of a long day.

It’s quarter past one,

I’m gonna call it a night.

Have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, actually, in the sense that I have an entire day of coaching,

I have my lads all coming in tomorrow, all working on various elements of life, although they do have some common themes.

I’ll share some of what comes out of that coaching tomorrow ’cause it may be of value, may be of use, may be of interest to you.

But as far as today is concerned, it’s over, I’m out.

I will check in with you tomorrow, we’ll do it all over again.

Hope you had an awesome day, I’ll see you in the morning.


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