Most people do what feels better to them, over what is better for them


Most people do what feels better to them, over what is better for them

You can’t trust your feelings. Some people will say the opposite, that your feelings are road signs to some inner wisdom. And while I do think there’s an inherent wisdom that sometimes comes into play, our feelings are the result of chemistry triggered by our brain’s biological impulses. These impulses are reactions to data being fed into the unconscious brain through the senses, that are cross-referenced against the stored data of our experiences and learnings. Feelings are what the unconscious brain uses to manipulate actions in any given set of circumstances.

The entire animal kingdom has similar internal processes and biological systems to ours, but they lack the awareness of them. It’s our awareness of these manipulating forces that we call emotions and feelings. They’re the by-product of chemicals rushing through our bodies, stimulating actions and behaviours.

You can’t trust your feelings because you can’t fully trust the creator of those feelings – your unconscious brain. If feelings are road signs, they’re those laid out by a child. Remember, the unconscious brain isn’t smart. Trusting your feelings is like trusting a toddler with the keys to your car and expecting them to drive you safely to work. Feelings of fear will hold you back. Doubt will slow you down. Lust could get you in a whole heap of trouble. Boredom can lead you down a wrong path. Sometimes, you have to ignore your feelings and trust your conscious brain (you), to know what’s right for you.

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