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Mindset, Model, Methodology

Mindset, Model, Methodology

Today we’re looking at what I call the three Ms, the three major components that you need to have in place. These are high level components needed in order to create the success that you want in your business. A deficit in any of these areas will have a negative effect on the potential of your business to deliver and will massively limit your ability, as the entrepreneur and business owner, to create the success that you want, both within your business and from your life as a whole. So, what are the three Ms?

Number one, Mindset; number two, Model; number three, Methodology. I will be going into each one in greater detail in future articles because I could talk about these three core areas for a month and still not touch the sides. However, today I’m going to give you an overview so that you can really evaluate your own business and see where you might have some gaps in your game.

Gaps are good. In business, we often hide from our gaps. This starts in school where we learn to hide our mistakes. And in business too! I've definitely worked for companies where it was not prudent to own up to your mistakes. It made a lot more sense to try and hide them under the carpet. Many adults do this. We hide from our failings or limitations.

We hide from the gaps in our game because we feel vulnerable if we dare to own up to them, even to ourselves. Many people find it hard even to acknowledge their gaps. You only need to challenge a few people and experience their defensive behaviour to realise how many people hide from this concept.

However, we do know that in order for people to really excel and tap into their peak personal performance, for people to become really successful, they have to own up to their gaps. You have to admit to your vulnerabilities. You need to embrace these things because your greatest opportunities lie in the gaps. It’ll be the stuff that we don't want to see, that makes us feel bad if we acknowledge it, and is usually related to having lower self-esteem than we need in order to be successful.

Low self-esteem will limit your ability to dare to look into the gaps and own up to this stuff. I'm not suggesting you need to declare yourself to the world – it's about acknowledging it for yourself – but it can make you feel incredibly vulnerable.

I want you to have the mindset to be brave enough to dare to look for your own gaps and not just reject this idea but ask yourself how what I’m saying applies to you. How does it apply to your business? How does it apply to what you’re doing? How does it relate to you and what do you need to do with this information?

If you apply that to all education, not just what you're reading right now, it will have a massive impact on your ability to usefully educate yourself in order to create the changes that you're looking for. With that in mind, putting our big boy or big girl pants on, let's start looking for gaps, but first, let me share with you what it is you might need to have in place.

Number one, a six-figure mindset. What I mean is that to achieve 100K, if you're doing 30, 40 or 50K, you've got to have a six-figure mindset in place. If you're a company doing 20 or 30K and you want to hit 50 or 60K this year, you also need to make sure you've got a mindset that is calibrated to handle the growth that you want to achieve. If you're doing 250K and you want to do half a million pounds, you need to make sure you've got a half million-pound mindset.

But what do I mean when I say mindset? Well, your mindset is how your mind is set up – it's how you act and react to things, it's how you interpret and the meaning you give to things. It's how you've learned to think and perceive and see yourself and the world around you with everyone else in it. So if you only see yourself as a 50K kind of a business owner, you can see how already that's going to limit anything that your business can possibly achieve because you're going to approach your business with that limited mindset and your mindset will translate into behaviours. This is the core of my personal development philosophy.

Your mindset will translate itself into your behaviours. Your behaviours will translate into actions in the external world – what you do, what you don't do, and how you do what you do – and therefore, that will dictate what you get in return – ultimately the success or failure of your business, or anything else in your life, whether it’s your health, your relationships, finances, or anything else. Your mindset dictates behaviours. Your behaviours dictate your actions. All your actions and what you do in the world give you the results you expect to get.

So, if your mindset is already thinking in a limited way, where you're doing 50K and thinking maybe you can do 100K but you’re not sure, straight away, I'm going to bet against you all day long. Equally, by the way, if you come up to me and give me some spiel about being a trillionaire, I'm going to call bullshit on that. I'm not going to back you. But if you come to me and you tell me you really believe 100K is possible, having looked at your business, recognised there's some stuff you need to change, but you can see the possibility, I'll back you all day long.

If you hit a quarter of a million and tell me you know you can do a million – you know there's a lot to learn, your business has maxed out but there has to be a way – I'll back you all day long. Start your business tomorrow with £10 in your back pocket and tell me you're going to be a millionaire in 12 months, and I'm going to bet against you.

If I bet against everybody that gives me that bullshit, I'm always going to come up good. I might lose to the one person who makes it happen but I've yet to find them. It takes real breadth, real hard work, it needs a head that is realistic but also ambitious. The 50K person that thinks they've maxed out also sees themselves as realistic. But what we need is realistic, ambitious mindset, and sometimes that can be a tough scale to balance out. At what point does ambition become delusion? At what point am I just dreaming as opposed to genuinely being ambitious and engaged with my business and my goals?

There's no definitive line. I'm just telling you some of the stuff I've come across and what I call b******t on.

It's not necessarily the scale that I'm calling bullshit on. It's your mindset – how you're thinking about the problem. Does this make sense? Start your business up today and say, "George, you know what? I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm going for a million anyway." I'm going to call bullshit on that. I'm really sorry. I'm all up for ambition and you having big dreams, but the truth of the matter is I've never seen it work. You need to get your head in the game first and foremost. The right mindset is one that is a growth mindset. It's where you're open to opportunity and growth. It is an ambitious mindset. You want and crave to do more.

You might be planning to make a bigger business for yourself, create an empire, or impact more people. It might just be you want a nicer car. I also want you to enjoy what you’ve got, by the way. This is a tricky balance as well. It's about loving what you've got today while still craving better for tomorrow. This can be really hard because when you're craving better for tomorrow it can negatively impact how you feel about today. This is why so many people feel it's a choice between living in the now, not letting go of the dreams and desires as ambitions but just enjoying the present, or locking into ambition, wanting more, more, more, but in return feeling worse and worse about where they are today just because of the comparison.

If I want a really big house, my current house becomes less exciting to me. It's a real balancing act, but you want to keep completely engaged, loving the hell out of what you've got today whilst still being really driven and motivated for better for tomorrow. It can take time to get your perceptions in place in order to do that but that's what you want to make sure you’ve got in place. Make sure your mindset can handle the growth that you’re after. Make sure you're thinking the right way –sense check it, listen to your thoughts, write them down and look back, like I do, and call bullshit. Ask yourself – does this really sound like someone who’s going to hit 100K, 200K, a million? Or does this sound like someone who's dreaming, hoping and wishing?

After mindset comes your model. You need to make sure that your business model can handle the growth. The reason I look at mindset first is because if you've got an amazing mindset, you will wring the last drop of potential out of your business model. So, if your business model maxes out at 50K, and you've got a great mindset, you will get your business, near as damn it, to 50K. If you've got a shit mindset and I give you a million-pound model, you'll do nothing with it.

It’s like going to the gym. I used to know many personal trainers and their disappointment in their careers were because their clients wouldn't do what they needed to do to get the result that they claimed they wanted. The trainers gave them the model to get the result, but they didn't have the right mindset in place in order to achieve against that model. It's exactly the same in business.

This is why I'm against blueprints, by the way. There are many people selling blueprints. They'll sell you the million-pound formula or the 10-million-pound blueprint. And even if it’s completely legit, without the mindset in place, there’s no way you’ll achieve it.

If I wrote down my formula for how I got my coaching business to where it is now, from those one-to-one coaching clients that I was doing nine years ago, for £40 an hour, or £40 for two hours because I've always over-coached, I could give you an absolute ABC. If I lost it all today, as long as I kept my optimism and positivity, I could go back to the beginning and we could recreate what we've done in a fraction of the time. And you'll see this with other business owners. They might get a business to a million pounds and lose it. It might have taken them 10 years to get there but it takes them 18 months to build the next million-pound business, because the mindset's in place and they know what else they need.

Then it's about making sure the model's in place. They go hand in hand, but mindset comes first because a shit mindset will do nothing with a great model. If I gave you my blueprint (which I won't) but your head's not in the right place, you won't apply it. If I give you the perfect weight-training program but your head's not in the game, you won't do it. Get yourself the perfect weight loss program, you won't do it if your head's not in the game. First, get the head in the game. Then make sure the model you're working to absolutely delivers the result you want. If you want 100K, does your model achieve 100K? Do the maths. Where does your model max out?

If you’re a one-man band and you're charging £50 an hour and you're doing delivery of eight hours per day, five days a week with all your marketing and admin in the evenings and at weekends, that's the most you could ever deliver. Do the maths; where does that end up? In my Six Figure Fast Track, we work out the maths in your model. Can your model handle your ambition? Does your model take you where you want to get to? The model is what you do and who you do it for, the way you sell it, the way you market it and the price that you charge. It's your systems, your processes, and the people working alongside you in your business as well.

Any weakness in the cogs of your machine will limit the performance of the overall model so you need to make sure that you've got a model which absolutely takes your business to the level that your ambition needs. It's not saying, “I need a model at 50K that takes me to a million pounds.” You just need a model at 50K that gets you to 100K plus, if that's where your ambition is taking you to. There's no need to have a model that takes you from 100K to 10 million. In fact, I truly believe it can be damaging to have a model that is way beyond where you're currently operating – it can bog your business down.

You want to have a model that effortlessly takes you to the next level. You're always going to have to work hard. It's not that you’re not putting in any effort, but that the model can handle it. In other words, if you're doing 50K and you want to hit 100K, you do your model maths and work out what's the maximum your model can handle. If your model can do 150K, that’s perfect. It can hit 100K. It's not even close to running at the red line and maxing out your model. You have every opportunity to achieve that goal. But if you want 100K, you're doing 30K, and your model maxes out at 70K, you can work harder, you can work faster, but you literally will not be able to get 100K out of a 70K model.

Now we come to methodology. Your methodology is your day to day activity which must deliver against the goal that you're trying to achieve. I see many people who might be doing 30 or 40K, wanting to hit 100K, still doing activity that gets them bogged down and stuck in the day to day routines that maintain the level of business they currently have rather than stretching and growing the business. Or they're putting day to day activity into something that may pay off years in the future.

I see people in their first year of business creating blogs, for example, knowing full well that it may take a good year or more before it even begins to deliver on its potential. You might get lucky and get a bit of business out of it and I'll caveat this, I'm aware some people get really good business from their blogs, but what I'm saying is that generally speaking, your blog will take a long time to deliver new clients. You're investing this time now for something that may or may not pay off in a year or two and it’s bogging you down. You need to start making sure that you're doing the activity today that is absolutely in alignment with taking your business where you want to get it to tomorrow.

If you're doing 50K and you want to hit a 100K, your model can do 150K and your mindset can handle 100K plus, then look at your day to day activity. Are you doing the stuff that takes your business to 100K? Or are you focusing on things that you think will pay off massively in the future? Or are you doing activity that is keeping you bogged down at 50K?

I keep using these numbers, 50K, 100K, etc. The reason is simply that most businesses don't hit 100K. I'm using that to speak to you because the likelihood is that that's where your business is – under 100K. If you’re reading this and you're doing quarter of a million, it's exactly the same to hit a million pounds. In our business, for example, if we're sitting there tracking the million pounds that we're working towards, we need to make sure we have the right mindset. The same rules that I've already shared with you apply. Does my business model take me to a million pounds plus effortlessly? If I want to hit a million in my business, the model had better take me to 1.2 or maybe even one and a half million. The next thing is to do what you need to today that builds a million-pound business.

If I'm doing just what I need to maintain the current level of business I have, that's where I'll stick. And this is why I see so many businesses not growing. They're maxed out maintaining the business they currently have, but they're not investing anything into the next level of the model. If you're at a quarter of a million and going for a million, you may be investing a year ahead. Personally, we are definitely investing in our business financially and emotionally. We're investing in things that will pay off 12 months or more into the future because that's where we're operating at in our business. When I was a 50K business, it would have been ludicrous to do that and, in fact, it was ludicrous, because I was following some not so useful advice.

It's ludicrous investing 18 months into the future when you’ve barely got enough money to get by right now. There's no point in a 50K business investing in a quarter of a million-pound model. At 50K, go for 100K. It's as simple as that. Do the shit that takes you to 100K. In our Extreme Growth Masterminds, the one goal they have to set is an extreme business growth goal. We start at around 100K and aim at doubling the business in a year. They look at this and see that they don't need to be doing shit that's going to make a million pounds or, on the other hand, hold them back at 100K. They need to be working towards 200 or 250K, or wherever it is they’re aiming for.

Does this make sense? It's the same strategy if you're a start-up and you just want to get off the ground to get your first 20K coming in. What do you do? Activity that takes you to 20K.

There'll be another article where I’ll talk about what you do after you start to approach these goals, but for now, this is what I want to make sure you've got in place – the mindset, the model, and the methodology.

Take a quick look at yourself. Are you thinking big enough? Are there gaps in your mindset? If there are, you need to plug those gaps.

Are there any gaps in your modelling? Are you already maxed out or approaching it, or does your model just not take you where you want to get to? Plug the gaps in your model.

Does your day to day routine and activity take you to that extreme growth goal? If not, plug the gaps.

Plug the gaps in your mindset, your modelling and methodology and that's all you have to keep doing. That's how you keep levelling up. That's what I stand for. Extreme business growth through raising your game. You level up at each stage. As long as you keep doing that, you will continue to get the extreme business growth that I think you want. It's certainly what I believe you deserve.

If you are currently doing under 100K like most businesses are, this content comes straight out of the 6-Figure Fast Track webinar that I’ve produced. You can go to to find it.

The webinar was specifically designed with a five-figure business in mind, aiming to hit 100K or more in the next 12 months or less. We look at each of the areas I’ve discussed today, and we start to pressure test you. That’s number one. Do you really have in place what you need in those three areas to hit 100K or more? Number two, what is it you should be doing, and even more importantly, what is it you shouldn't be doing in order to hit that 100K in the next 12 months or less?

If you're doing under 100K, get yourself on that webinar. It’s full of amazing content, specifically targeting these three overarching areas that you need to have covered in order to achieve those goals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today's content. No matter where you are in your own business, continue to go for that extreme business growth.

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