Mastermind Discovery Day

This EXCLUSIVE Mastermind Discovery Day is for ambitious service-based business owners currently doing a minimum of 6-Figures committed to extreme growth over the next 12 months!

Thursday 3 April


Audley Inglewood, Hungerford, Berkshire

What to expect

We will explore the potential in your business to double revenue in 12 months

We will show you how to harness the maximum power from a Mastermind

We will share our unique formula for rapidly generating multiple new and innovative ideas that can literally transform your business' potential

You will experience the power of Masterminding first hand

We will demonstrate what's possible when you are surrounded by the right people in the right environment

You will take away our unique, tried and tested goal-setting formula and strategy for achieving ambitious objectives

You will get the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded 6-Figure ambitious business owners

Interactive and Immersive Mastermind Discovery Day designed to show you how you can achieve far greater results in much shorter timescales

You will get 5-star service at our 5-star venue

All this for just £45 to cover all refreshments

For 6-Figure Service-Based Businesses

Wanting to Double Turnover in the Next 12 Months!

We have 6-figure businesses doing just that in this Mastermind right now!

By the end of this day you will have discovered:

What you have to gain from joining the only 6-figure Mastermind for serviced-based business looking to double their turnover in 12 months

Why being part of an ambitious Mastermind is essential for fast growth

A genuine sense of what's possible for you and your business

What your business needs in order to double turnover in the next 12 months

Our Proven Methodology for achieving hugely ambitious goals

How our tried and tested approach to Masterminding and creating success cultures can help you make huge leaps forward in business growth

Connections to other ambitious business owners like you

If you are ready, willing and able to take your business on this journey of extreme growth


Chris Jones – Nymad

  • 2X Turnover: Year on year
  • 4X Profit: In the last 12 months
  • Focussed: On growing and transforming the business not just running it.


“What drew me to Success Groups in the first place was the element of science that goes along with the mindset; the explanation behind behavioural science. George puts it across in such a way that I really bought into it. It’s something I can understand, it’s tangible in the world I live in and George’s delivery is just a wonder to behold.”


Tory Wagg – Panthera Accounting

  • Turnover: Increased
  • Profit: Improved
  • Pricing: “Been brave” in pricing strategy
  • Time: Much better time management and increased ‘down-time’


“George is an inspirational person to have in the room. He has this incredible way of being quite tough but also incredibly kind at the same time. He has a way of bringing out the truth in me.

George is not for everyone but everyone should listen to him at least once to see. If he’s right for you, he can change your mindset so much that, it completely changes your world!”
Tory-Wagg round

Rob Goddard – Evolution CBS

  • Turnover: £150k to £4M turnover across 2 continents in 6 years
  • Profit: Improved
  • Recent Success: I have recently launched in Dubai which has generated 6-figures in fees in a month


“You cannot effectively create sustainable growth in your business unless you take time out of it to think, review and plan. I do that one day a month at BBB Mastermind and as a result, I have doubled my revenue year on year since I joined.”

“If you’re ambitious and you want to grow you need to know there is so much more available for you. Dare to be different and take a serious look at BBB Mastermind. It’s a game-changer!”

Rob Goddard - Mastermind

Is this YOU?


You are a service-based business

You are currently turning over 6-Figures

You are committed to doubling your revenue in the next 12 months - even if you don't know how right now

You want to be a part of an exciting and dynamic group of truly ambitious business owners

You have plateaued and want a significant injection of opportunity through innovation and implementation or, you're growing fast and want to capitalise on that momentum

You want to show yourself what's possible

You're up for doing new things in new ways

You want to kick-arse and dominate your industry or geographical area

About George Swift

George Swift Mastermind

George has been running Success Groups for ambitious entrepreneurs for six years and has directly mentored over 400 small businesses and taught hundreds more. He Has personally coached many successful 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses, consistently adding significantly to financial bottom lines as well as other wide reaching performance improvements.

He has over 20 years working with individuals and teams empowering them to take control of their lives, and for the past 8 years, their businesses. Since 2012 he has worked almost exclusively with owner managed businesses and their leaders in developing the mindset, attitudes behaviours and cultures of success. He has a passion for creativity and innovation in business and strongly believes that creativity in all its forms is what can separate average business owners from truly inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders.

He is an expert in leveraging the combined ideas, solutions and resources within his Masterminds whilst holding the room and the individuals accountable to achieving their objectives and hitting their goals.

Proven Track Record - we have been running successful Masterminds for ambitious business owners for over 6 years and have had many success stories, too numerous to count

Inspiring Achievement - In 2018, George has directly mentored business owners in achieving over 20,000 goals

BBB Success Groups - we currently have over 80 ambitious business owners as full-time members in our goal-setting, accountability and personal/business development club and Masterminds

Professional Speaking - George has spoken from stage to thousands of individuals and business owners on all topics concerning personal and business success. He has been fortunate to speak alongside some of the world's great speakers

Inspiring Aspiration and Motivation - He has worked directly with hundreds of small business owners helping them to realise their personal and commercial potential

Business Growth - Many of my clients have doubled, tripled, quadrupled and even 10X'd their business revenues

Millions and More - I have helped many businesses go from 0 to 5-figures, 5 to 6-figures and 6-figures to 7. I am also sought out by 7 and 8-figure business owners to help them create success cultures

Walking the Talk - I have taken my own business to a thriving £250k through a series of leaps and we are set to double our own turnover this year

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where

This event will be held in our salubrious 5-star venue in West Berkshire on Tuesday 28th February 2018 from 10.00 am until 4:00 pm. Outstanding food and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

What do you consider to be a service-based business?

A service-based business is any business where the ‘product’ of the business is a service offering rather than an actual, physical product. For example, marketing, consulting, coaching, therapy, HR, recruitment, film, photography, beauty therapy, hairdressing, web-designing, digital marketing, finance, copywriting, property investment, IT solutions and so on.

Why is this only for service-based businesses?

Whilst there are many commonalities between product-based and service-based businesses, many of the challenges and opportunities open to service-based businesses are specific to them. This event is tailored to meet the needs of service-based businesses.

Can I really afford to take the time away from my business?

All our current Mastermind members will agree that taking a day out of their businesses was the toughest decision to make when deciding whether to join or not. Like all ambitious business owners, our members are very busy people, but every one of them would say, that now they can’t afford to not take a day out of the office and work on their businesses. Don’t take our word for it, hear it in their own words in their video testimonials below.

Looking forward to seeing you on there!