Market Research

Market Research

As a business, we’ve never done any formal market research. What we’ve done instead is build a business based on the challenges that we understand our client base is facing.  


And our business is phenomenal.  

We consistently help business owners build the business they want. We consistently get people saying really awesome things about us – constantly getting results.  

Despite that, it’s quite challenging to get the messaging right so that we’re hitting the mark with potential new clients.  

Now we’ve carried out the market research, it makes sense.  

We can see what people are looking for at the moment and how we’re not quite hitting the mark with our messaging. So, it’s been eye opening for me.  

I’m an absolute convert when it comes to market research.  

So, a massive shout out to Emma Humphrey of Genius Marketing.  

If you’re interested in finding out what your customers are actually looking for right now, I cannot recommend Emma enough.  

She’s the one you need to talk to. She rocks!

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