Lead with commerce and let your cause follow


18 Lead with commerce and let your cause follow

Too many businesses are ‘cause’ led. They’re run solely or predominantly for the causes they support, rather than for commercial factors and success. These business owners focus heavily on helping people and creating a positive impact, but not enough on the finances.

Don’t get me wrong, businesses should definitely serve a purpose and contribute positively to society and the wider world. But I see too many well-meaning, well-intentioned and dare I say ‘nice’ small business owners struggling to make a go of things, simply because they’re not taking care of commercial matters.

By its nature, cause is soft and fluffy while commerce is hard and gritty. Therefore, use commerce to punch into the marketplace and follow up with your cause. Get the money right and then deliver the positive impact you seek to contribute.

Your business is the best mechanism for successfully delivering your cause to the world. It enables you to reach more people and do more good. But to ignore or underplay the commercial aspects of your business limits the power it has to deliver that cause.

Think of commerce as the sharp, hard tip of an arrow that penetrates the world around you, enabling your cause and the good you do to follow through and make the difference you want.


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