Law of Attraction

If you’re not familiar with the law of reciprocity, it’s the basis that when I give something to you, you feel obliged to give something to me. And it exists. It absolutely does exist. It’s a law – go and look it up.  

If I give you something, you feel somewhere in you that you want to give me something back. It’s a great tool for engaging prospects, and it’s a great tool for building relationships. However, you have to use it in the right way.  

You can’t go bowling in trying to force something on somebody and expecting them to give you something back, it doesn’t work like that. We have to invoke it in the right way. We have to be freely giving whilst actually not expecting anything back but trusting that the law exists, and at some point it will come back to us.  

When we approach it in that way, it comes back.  

I’ve leveraged that law so many times, the law of reciprocity. When I give, it comes back. It doesn’t always come back directly from the person that I’ve given to, but trust me, it does come back, and it comes back consistently and always.  

So think about the relationships you’re in, think about how you engage with your prospects, and think about what you can do to give more. A brilliant starting point for building relationships and developing prospects. 

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