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Jon qualified as a chartered accountant in 2001 and since then has worked extensively at the highest levels of large organisations, as well as with sole traders, SMEs and on the personal finances of wealthy individuals.

Jon had always wanted to work for himself, so in 2019 he set up RED 76, specialising in compliance and advisory activities. In early 2020, Jon joined BBB.

“BBB has shown me the art of the possibility.”

Jon’s primary interest is football and he can be found most weekends either coaching or managing a local youth football team. Being a qualified Accountant, he is also a board member for the club and responsible for the finances.


The biggest challenge for Jon, as a new business owner, was the fear of the unknown. He was concerned about being completely on his own running the business and as such had a paralysis on decision making.

“I knew there was stuff I just didn’t know, but I had no idea what I didn’t know or how to find it out. I needed to be amongst similar size businesses but wanted somewhere where I could benefit from a variety of opinions and insight. I wanted to open my mind.

“BBB felt like somewhere I could get a huge amount of mentoring and insight without being tied to one mentor and being obliged to do it that one way.”

Jon became a BBB member in early 2020 and has fully embraced BBB’s unique goal setting programme.

“Goal setting has been a core part of my success. Running your own business can be a lonely path and it can be a hard plod or journey on what feels like a very long conveyer belt. Having goals and goal setting periods punctuates that journey and makes you stop and recognise success and where you can improve. Having the goals in place makes you genuinely feel like you are reporting to your Board. It also helps articulate to your wider circle, be that family, friends, peers, how you are progressing.”

Jon has found it helpful to see how all businesses are equally vulnerable across many diverse sectors and how being a business owner is a very personal journey.

“Being in BBB is a very safe environment and there is an individual, personal commitment and investment from everyone there. One of my challenges, actually, was growing so fast my time has been spent winning new work, onboarding clients and actually executing the work.

“I’ve listened a lot to the advice of the group and the BBB team, and it’s all about making the right adjustment at the right time, not too early, not too late, and since onboarding staff it’s been so much better.’


“I now possess a self belief that is real and the business is here to stay…


“BBB is going to be right for you if you come to it with an openness and are totally honest about your business. You need to not sign up to be a passenger as you won’t get the most you can out of it, instead always show up being willing to offer something to others as well as getting what you need.”

1 December 2020


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