Hiding behind emails

Hiding behind emails

So, a quick video today about hiding behind emails when you really should just be picking up the phone.  

In this particular context, I’m talking about tensions being high and battles happening, misunderstandings, miscommunications, that kind of thing. And the problem with trying to resolve these over email is the email is always read in the tone of voice and the context of the person reading it, not the person that’s sent it.  

And so, what happens quite often is we get a perpetual misunderstanding that keeps building on itself because of the way emails are read, not necessarily the way emails are written.  

From personal experience, what I find is if we just pick up the phone and have a sensible conversation about what’s gone on, we’re much less likely to have misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what’s happened.  

So, number one, pick up the phone.  

Number two, seek to understand before you try to get your point across.  

Listen: try to understand where they’re coming from with some compassion before you try to get your point across. Trust me, you do not want unnecessary arguments right now on top of all the other crap that we’re having to deal with.  

Pick up the phone – don’t hide behind emails – problems will get solved quicker, and it may not always be what you thought.  

That’s my advice for today.  

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