Gorge Swift BBB Founder

George Swift

 BBB Founder

Speaker | Coach | Business Owner | SME Champion | Mentor 

What can I do for you? 

As the owner of your business, you’re both its greatest asset and its greatest liability. It’s my job to enhance your contribution to the success of your business and help you negate the elements of your thinking and behaviours that are holding you back, so you can build the business you want, more quickly and more easily.  

A bit about me… 

I have spent over 25 years working on mindset and personal performance, having worked with individuals, sports teams and executive teams. Over the last decade, I’ve turned a lifelong fascination with mindset, motivation and personal performance into a membership offering that’s helped transform business performance for over 400 service-based businesses. I work with business owners to develop a winning mindset, helping them focus on what’s important and calling bullshit on business myths and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.