Fear of the future

Fear of the future

I work with lots of business owners on a day-to-day basis and something's coming up consistently at the moment. And I wonder if you are feeling the same.  

Is the fear of the future, of the potential of what might happen actually stopping anything at all from happening today?  

Last year many business owners froze, and the biggest single thing that we did for business owners last year was to keep them moving. Action, that's aligned with the goals you want to achieve, is the thing that is going to get you back on track quicker than anything.  

Freezing, stopping, panicking about the future, is not.  

We need to get back into aligned action. I understand it's hard when the momentum has stopped - it's really hard to get the momentum going but it is possible. When we're afraid, our brain shuts down. Our ability to function as an intelligent human being is really limited. The literal brain shuts down and it keeps the little segment of brain that is there for pure survival. And when I mean survival, I literally mean you staying alive, that's it. It's not there to keep a roof over your head and all that stuff, it’s literally just there to keep you alive, that is it.  

We definitely want more of our brain working. So we need to start finding ways of getting this momentum going and getting out of our heads a little bit. Because the future hasn't happened yet. And you are more influential in that future plan than you might think. It's not just happening around you without you participating in it - you are absolutely participating. What we need to do is make sure that you are participating in the right way so that you're bringing about the results that you ultimately want.  

One little tip for you is to start by coming back in this moment, in the now, in today, in this moment right here. Come away from the future, come away from the past, and come into this moment right now. Remember the future hasn't happened - it’s your imagination. Come into now, and I want you to have a look around at now - this now moment.  

What are you grateful for?  

What do you have right now that you are grateful for? What do you have right now, from a resources perspective, in you right now this minute, that you can be proud of? What can you see around you right now that brings you joy? And I really want you to spend some time looking at that - being in the now moment, being in this moment right now.  

Once you've done that - and don't just skim over it, please, spend a little bit of time on that - I want you to think about the future you want to create. You are imagining the future anyway, right? You're doing that anyway - it hasn't bloody happened. So you're imagining this future. You need to be deliberately getting involved in that imagination because it is more powerful than you think. Have a think about what it is you actually want. 

Now, if you're in my club, you will have done your goal setting and your vision board. You'll be able to come back to the work that we did at the beginning of the year. If you’re not, however, this is the time to do it, in that moment when you're freezing and imagining all sorts of disasters happening in the future. This is the time to get your shit together on this.  

So really think about what it is you want to create. Think about what want to see in your life, what you want to hear, how want to feel. These three components are really fundamentally important. And then set yourself some core goals.  

What are the three, four or five things that you really want to achieve in the remainder of this year?  

I've talked about vision boards in a previous video. They're super powerful to keep the subconscious on track with what you're trying to create, and not get caught up in all the nonsense that's happening at the moment, that's been pulling us into different, very fearful futures. So think about that. Anything you've got in your kit bag that is going to help you stay in that moment, in that visualization of what it is you fundamentally want to create.  

That might be music, images, words, whatever works for you but bring it all together. Really spend some time doing that. The more time you spend actively cultivating the future that you want, the more that information goes into the subconscious. Fundamentally, it’s the subconscious that we're looking to manipulate here.  

And when you've done all that, which is, I appreciate, a lot of work - but let's face it you're not doing much else at the moment cause you're frozen - once you've done all of that, then I want you to come back to this moment today. And I want you to think about two things.  

Number one, what is the one action that I can take, today, now, that is going to move me towards that goal - that vision of the future? And I want you to take action on that.  

And then the next thing I want you to do, in the next now moment, is I want you to say, okay, what can I do to honour me? What can I do to look after and nurture and honour me? And I want you to do that. And I want you to start doing that every day.  

Once you start doing that every day - and it's going to take some discipline, which I know is a dirty word for a lot of people - but it's going to take some discipline to keep showing up daily, to do the one thing that's going to move you forward. And the one thing that's going to honour you. Once you start doing that regularly with discipline, things start to shift - it will start to become a habit for you, and you'll begin to come out of this malaise.  

You'll start to get some momentum going and once the momentum's going, we can start to bring some more things into the now moment that we can do to create our future.  

Your future is created by the actions that you take now in this moment.

This is the opportunity that you have right now to completely change your future - to make it the future that you want it to be. 

If you want to have a chat about your business, book a call with me here. 

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