[Episode 92] The Workation – Podcast

Struggle to get motivated in the winter months? Find it difficult to find the time and space to focus on non-urgent but important big projects? A workation might be exactly what you need!

For a number of years, I have been taking myself away, on my own, to immerse myself and focus on larger projects. I’m not great during the winter months and perform and feel better in warmer, sunnier climates. It’s easy for me to get pulled into the day to day running of my business and get distracted by both business and personal ‘stuff’. My solution? I take myself away twice a year for up to two weeks at a time. Whether it’s the Canary Islands in January/February or the Greek islands in October, I just work better in warm early or late year sun. With no distractions, endless vitamins D and unstoppable motivation, I knuckle down on major non-urgent project work. I’ve written multiple books and rewritten our entire goal-setting process and audio programme on ‘working retreats’ just like these.

In this episode, I share my experiences as a regular working-holidayer and why I think a recent article criticising workations is totally and utterly wrong.

Ever taken yourself off for a working holiday? How did you find it? If not, where would you love to take yourself for some serious sun to get big work done?

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