[Episode 282] – What’s Known Is Safe and What’s Unknown Is Unsafe – Podcast

The unconscious’ predisposition of What’s known is safe, what’s unknown is unsafe, holds many of us back from achieving our potential.

Once we’ve achieved a degree of comfort, as perceived unconsciously, there’s little to motivate us to go further or achieve more. The trouble is, the bar of what constitutes “a degree of comfort”, is often set very low. This isn’t our fault, or that of our subconscious for that matter. In our evolutionary past, where staying safe was a daily, full-time challenge, “a degree of comfort” was hard to achieve. If it was obtained, putting that in jeopardy for “better” or “more”, was too risky.

Today, the same evolutionary principles apply, despite us living in very different times. In this episode, I share how we can push ourselves into the unknown and step into the possibility that’s waiting there for us.


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