[Episode 250] – Too Old For This Shit – Podcast

This one is aimed at all of us that might be thinking we’re running out of time to achieve our dreams. Maybe you’re feeling tired and worn out. Maybe you think this is the best you’re going to get. Whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or even your 60’s, this episode shares the message of time.

You still have time to make it happen!

You might be about to embark upon your best decade ever.

Tom Brady has just won his 7th Super Bowl at 43 years of age
Morgan Freeman didn’t get started in Hollywood until his 40’s
Susan Boyle went from obscurity to superstardom at 47
Samual L Jackson was 46 when his movie career took off
Charles Darwin was 50 when he published his “On The Origin Of Species”
Ray Kroc didn’t get started at McDonald’s until he was 53
Harland (Colonel) Saunders franchised KFC at 62
Kathryn Bigalow won an Academy Award for best picture for Hurt Locker at 57
And Dame Judy Dench shines as bright at 86 as she did in her 30’s

You’re not done yet!

If you’re feeling “too old for this shit”, create a life that inspires you and injects a new lease of life in you and make the next decade your best yet.

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