[Episode 249] – Resilience – Podcast

Resilience: “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”, in other words, toughness.

We all need a bit of this right now. Many of us are being challenged like we’ve never been challenged before. The economy, lockdowns, restrictions to how we run our businesses, working from home, homeschooling, the whole family being cooped up all day together, are all making life a little harder than it ought to be.

We need to bounce back from our difficulties. We need to come back, regroup and fight again after our loses. We need to keep moving forward in the face of the ever increasing blocks and obstacles in our way. There’s more to come. Take the weekend to regroup and think about your own resilience levels. Are they up to the job?

The more we take the hits of life and keep moving forward, the tougher we become. Thank the challenges of the past for making you who you are today and embrace the opportunity now to toughen you up even more. Like going to the gym, the harder the session, the stronger we get. Your future tough as nails self, will be grateful for these times of resilience building.

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