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I am joined today by the absolutely gorgeous Dave Plunkett. He is a collaboration and partnership expert. He owns two companies, the Collaboration Junkie and LuMilona. He’s been with BBB Success Groups for just over 12 months.

Dave, over to you. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

First and foremost, I am someone who believes life is here to be enjoyed. I’m a loving partner to Kelly. We should be married by now, but that’s been pushed back a year with everything that’s going on. Two wonderful kids, Luna and Milo, hence LuMilona as that business name.

In terms of what I do to keep me out of trouble, LuMilona helps membership organizations, trade associations, and people with a B2B customer base, with their member or customer engagement.

And then Collaboration Junkie, that’s my why. That’s the passion project – I’m so excited to just be launching that. And that’s the one where I’ve really connected what I’m about.

All the businesses I’ve had have been around those foundations of partnerships and collaborations. And so we’re here to inspire, educate and assist businesses in setting their own partnership programs up so that they avoid the mistakes that I’ve made along the way, or witnessed along the way. To fast track that to really get exponential growth, avoid wasting time, and avoid the risk of wasted opportunity, alongside all the other wonderful benefits of working in a collaborative way. So that’s the two congruent, but interlinked hats.

So, tell us, what was your biggest success of 2020?

Well, I would say it’s not one defined thing, I don’t think. It’s been quite a journey for me over the last 12 months. A massive one. And that’s underpinned by personal development stuff that I hadn’t really ever done properly before.

“I started just putting stuff out there, because I had to, and it’s just gone better than I could have expected…”

On a personal level, the success that I feel most is in terms of positioning myself and where I’ve gone. I started just putting stuff out there, because I had to, and it’s just gone better than I could have expected. People that I didn’t know before, dropping me in referrals around different opportunities, to give advice and pitch myself in. I didn’t expect to get that so quickly, in terms of being the partnership guide, and it’s been really touching, actually. A load of positive validation, which is always kind of nice to have – I don’t care what anyone says, it’s always nice to feel appreciated. That’s gone better than I expected. But the relaunching and the launching of two brands, I think, during what’s been going on – I’m pretty happy with that.

And from someone watching from the side, it’s no accident that that stuff is coming back to you because you’ve been banging this drum for such a long time. When you and I worked together in that networking community, it was your energy and enthusiasm that really appealed. It’s no surprise to me that you’ve done this work and you’re getting your just rewards now. So, well done on that. It’s amazing.

Right, so what was your biggest challenge in 2020?

So, I was by far the biggest barrier to success. I joined BBB – obviously, this coincides, it fits the year that I’ve been with you guys. I knew that I needed to make some changes. I knew I’d started on some personal development stuff. I knew I needed to take that to the next level. I didn’t think I’d get to the point I am now, though. Didn’t think I’d take on that much with what I do, and stuff like that. I’m a very different person now than I was a year ago. Same energy and everything…

It’s like night and day, from who you were when you joined and who you are now, for me it’s like a maturity. It’s like a real levelling-up maturity that’s happened over this last 12 months.

Oh and I feel that. And it’s great – it’s brilliant to do. And it was needed. But I think, at the start, it was just uncertainty around what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to change the main business, the engagement business. I’d fallen out of love with that, and I needed to reignite that, and I’ve done that, but at the same time it still wasn’t fulfilling me. And I couldn’t get my head around what that was.

I think it was probably much clearer to other people around the edge that I needed to deliver personal value, and something that’s really about me and what I believe in, and get that out to the world. I was just getting in my own way.

I knew I could do more, but there was a pull to this feeling that it’s got to be a success because there’s other people involved with it as well. But more than that, it was that personal pride thing of it being a great opportunity and a great business and I should be doing more with that. But, if I’m not happy, then nothing’s going to be a success.

“…I needed to deliver personal value…”

And then, once I’d got over that, although I have to do my thing, because if I don’t do my thing, everything else is going to fall apart. The massive challenge that’s an ongoing one still is the two-hat thing. Managing that on a day-to-day basis has been a huge challenge, with just the huge physical amount of stuff to do. But that means getting over the mindset and getting clarity. It’s been fun, but tough.

It is tough, facing yourself and looking at all the things that you’re great at. You’re looking at where your gaps are and what needs improving. It takes some real courage to do that.

So, what is the one piece of advice, based on all of your knowledge, that you would give business owners right now?

Be opportunity ready. And by that, I mean an opportunistic mindset, and it’s not as simple as it sounds.

We all need focus, I know. Without some of the focus and the goal setting and stuff that I do with you guys, I hate to think where I’d be. I certainly wouldn’t be as far forward as I am now. But just be opportunity ready, and not just for yourself – have that collaborative mindset. It’s part of what being a collaborator is about, have an opportunistic mindset.

We live in a relationship economy. The strength of your relationships, particularly your key relationships, I don’t think will impact the success of your future business as much as it does now. And so, not at the detriment of yourself, but just be aware of what’s going on for you and those in your closest network, where you can benefit and assist and take advantage. Because if you do, the opportunity is everywhere. When you make that mindset switch, the biggest problem is saying ‘no’, or saying ‘not now’. And that’s a constant battle that I have, and I’m sure you do as well, and there are plenty of others do.

There is a thing about being too giving, which I’ve definitely been guilty of in the past. You have to serve yourself as well. Otherwise you’re not going to be here to do the good work for others. But even when times are hard and you’re busy and you’re in that slog of doing stuff, just be aware. Just make sure you don’t shut yourself off to that stuff that’s out there where just a slight tweak to what you’re doing can get you to that end goal so much quicker. And I think it’s available now more than ever.

Love it. Dave, you are a legend. It’s been a pleasure.

16 September 2020


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