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The growth of the business and achieving over £100k is thanks to the confidence and the sales training provided by BBB.

"The growth of the business and achieving over £100k is thanks to the confidence and the sales training provided by BBB".


Paula set up PP8 Marketing nine years ago. Shortly after being made redundant, she attended a marketing trade show where she spoke with some attendees about whether she should take the leap and start her own company. By the time Paula got home, one of the reporters at the trade show had published that she was starting her own company and PP8 Marketing was born.

PP8 specialises in supporting businesses and marketing teams that are operating predominantly in the Home, Garden, and Sustainability sectors.

PP8 Marketing's core services include marketing strategy, planning, and project management.


Paula has over 30 years of marketing experience. She has worked in B2B and B2C marketing areas throughout her career. Her expertise is both broad and deep, covering the full marketing mix. Before founding PP8 Marketing, Paula worked in many different industries. A highlight was working as a Marketing Director in The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. Since then, Paula has found her niche in the Home, Garden and Sustainability sectors.

Paula joined BBB as a Build Member in April 2022 and in October 2022 she graduated, becoming a Scale Member.


Paula was attending local networking events and dumbing down what she was doing, which resulted in her losing confidence in herself and her ability. She was lacking a proper plan and direction and not getting her ideal clients.

"I didn't know where to get new business. I felt scared of selling, I didn't like having those conversations and I was thinking that no one would want to talk to me.

"I didn't really know what to do, who to phone or how to fix the problem. I didn't have a proper plan in place, the business stagnated, I was too busy with the wrong clients and I was scared to move away from them.

"When I joined BBB, on the inside I was fraught. I believed it would help but I was scared to take the plunge "

Tracey's message came for Paula at the right time. Paula was discerning, so she made sure to do her research before attending a workshop.

"It just really resonated with me! Tracey and I had our call and I realised that BBB helped businesses like mine and for the first time I felt like I'd met a coach that really properly understood me.

"I knew I needed somebody who gets what I do, who will be confident enough with me to give me a kick up the backside every now and then, but also someone I've got confidence in to just trust them to help guide me and who I can learn from.

"I saw all of those qualities in BBB and I thought that even if I could get a little bit of that, it would get me much further than where I am.

"Tracey and George are the kind of people that I really like. I like the way that BBB works. They instinctively feel what's going on and tailor what is talked about to the situations that are happening.

"I realised that this was the place for me."


Coming from a corporate background, Paula had good business knowledge but was unsure of the process when applying this to small businesses. This is where BBB has been instrumental. "BBB has given me the confidence to really grow my business and given me the tools to know how to adapt what I learnt in corporate to a small business. "I like the meetings. It's great to hear what other businesses are going through so that I can apply their learnings to my own business. Even if I don't have a specific question, I always end up with pages of things to think about and implement. "There is always so much content that is available for us on every topic, which shows that we are not alone in this journey, we aren't the first people to go through this challenge. "I love the group environment; BBB isn't about selling to the room, but it's about helping each other out."

Paula found that BBB applies first-hand experience and knowledge that’s been developed through working with 500 small business owners over 10 years. "Through my sessions I've been told me what I needed to hear. No one else was going to tell me that, and that really helped. "BBB's support has been invaluable." Since joining BBB, Paula has a clearer sense of direction and she attributes this to the support of BBB and is so much more confident. "I've got a pipeline of hot leads, which I wouldn't have had before, and BBB gave me the confidence to recruit my first team member. "I can communicate better with my clients now... I have the confidence to ask how else I can help them after a project. I definitely got that from BBB. "You will get a return if you apply the learning. Why try to do it on your own when you can have support from the wider experts? "You get all the support you need to achieve your goals... The future is much brighter."