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Mandy Barter
From that fight or flight feeling, to standing up speaking in front of 6,000 people - this was a really pivotal moment for me.


Founded in 2015, My Cancer My Choices (MCMC) is a charity that gives people living with cancer the chance to have complementary therapies of their choice in a calm and caring environment. Traditionally these treatments are given palliatively, but MCMC aims to reach people from the diagnosis stage, so they can start to feel empowered about their own cancer journey.

The charity has 65 volunteers and is funded by money raised through donations and grants.

“There’s so much more I could do with this, but where do I go with it?”

After a career in public service, Mandy was a practicing therapist studying to become an Acupuncturist and received a diagnosis of cancer in her final year at college. She used the therapies she had learned to support herself during her own cancer journey. After this period, Mandy became a practicing Acupuncturist, and really enjoyed her work, but something was missing.

She felt there was so much more she could do with her therapies, skills and the wisdom of Chinese medicine to help people living with cancer but had no idea where to start turning that into a reality.


Mandy had always had a real fear of public speaking, and her earlier cancer diagnosis meant she had lost even more confidence in herself. In 2013, Tracey and Mandy met at a business networking group. It was a really pivotal moment when Mandy heard Tracey speak to the room.

Battling with that real fight or flight moment.

“I remember sitting in that room, looking at the floor - waiting for my turn to speak about what I wanted to do - battling with that real fight or flight moment.”

“I just wanted to leave, I was terrified. I needed help."

“Tracey said she was a coach in confidence and mindset, so at the end of the meeting I approached Tracey and asked her if she could help me overcome my fear of public speaking. I joined BBB Success Groups.”


BBB had been looking for an opportunity to offer a spot to a charity, and Mandy’s idea was the perfect fit. Mandy soon benefited from being surrounded by other businesses and leveraged the learning and experience from the group to start and grow the charity. She quickly progressed through the levels to Success Groups Scale where she could be with 6-figure business owners.

BBB is a really encouraging, challenging, empowering environment.

“I was surrounded by people with vast experience in running their business, people who had experienced big problem-solving, and doing that with confidence. At first, I felt like a small fish in a big pond, as they would challenge me on things like my revenue target and encourage me to push for more growth. It was challenging but done in such a positive way, and I soon benefited from their encouragement and guidance, and the charity went from strength to strength.”

Goal Setting - Looking a year ahead. Wow! I’ve never set goals in my life but this was a game changer for me! It took me a while to learn how to set goals, but in time it gave me clear focus, and stopped my mind and activity wandering off track.


Mandy consistently showed up to her goals, achieving 100% of everything she set year on year. This is her 10th year with BBB, and this year will be no exception.


“BBB is a really encouraging, challenging, empowering environment and it encompasses you as a person. BBB knows you as an individual, sees what you are capable of and nurtures you to achieve it. They’re brilliant at that.”

“The wisdom of George and Tracey is extraordinary. I couldn’t have done this without the tribe; I’m surrounded by great people, both in the groups and by the BBB Team. It just feels really different to other business environments. It’s a really holistic business group and it starts with YOU.”

“We’ve just been awarded The King’s Award for Voluntary Service, the MBE for the Volunteer’s Service and the highest award that can be given to a charity and volunteer sector. Only 262 of these awards are given in the UK each year, so this is hugely significant.”

“Tracey, George and the BBB Team have supported me for free, for 10 years - an enormous amount of time, money and resources that BBB have gifted to me and our charity to support its success.”


“I’m really grateful for the people I’ve had around me, and George and Tracey have both been amazing in supporting me to get the charity to where it is today. I love their energy, kindness and generosity.”

Over the last 10 years working with BBB, My Cancer My Choices has gone from an idea to now having 65 volunteers and 4 members of staff. It’s been a real gift for BBB to have been involved in Mandy’s journey and we are incredibly proud of her success. It’s been worth every penny and more to be a part of this, and to see what Mandy has achieved, and how many people her charity is now reaching to support.

“If you’re considering joining BBB, do it! Do it! Do it! Grab it by the horns! The years from my 50s to my 60s have been the biggest learning period of my life, and BBB have been absolutely key to that learning over the past 10 years.”

“If you’re considering joining BBB, do it! Do it! Do it! Grab it by the horns!