Louise Puddifoot
Joining BBB makes a massive impact on the success of your business. I always feel fully supported and nurtured by a group of motivated and driven people.

Joining BBB makes a massive impact on the success of your business.


Willow & Puddifoot are the scaleup people development specialists.. They are experts in people, potential and performance, assisting high-growth companies through the challenges of scaling their business, by focusing on the people challenges involved.

They are a L&D training and consultancy business which specialise in delivering Manager Development and work as consultants to support organisations formulate and implement their L&D strategy.


Louise founded Willow & Puddifoot in 2018 after a successful career leading many Learning & Development (L&D) teams.

Louise has a personal passion for developing people. She loves anything to do with psychology and workplace performance and is on a mission to share these techniques with the next generation of organisations so that they and their people can reap the benefits.

"There is so much opportunity to develop people and the benefits are huge both to the individual in terms of confidence and skills set, but also for organisations to enable them to grow and become more effective and efficient".


Louise found the reality of growing a business much more difficult than she expected.

“I set up the business thinking that I would quickly grow a team but the reality without a solid framework and strategy turned out to be me carrying out predominantly freelance work, with little outside delivery support and lacking the capacity or sales mindset to achieve the revenue I wanted, I needed to seek some support and structure.

I wanted to grow my business beyond what I was achieving, I was really frustrated because I had lots of ambition but I needed some guidance, advice and framework to achieve my goals".

Louise joined BBB for the structure and community of like-minded, ambitious people.

“I joined because I could see that this was the place for structure, support and there was a promise of a great community – they didn’t disappoint. I had tried other groups but couldn’t seem to find the right mix of people who were like me and were ambitious with fast growth plans. When I found BBB it was like I’d found the right tribe for me.

BBB had a rare offering, they give practical advice but a truly unique opportunity for you to feel completely safe in being authentic whilst on your personal and business development journey".

The group environment has really helped support Louise since she joined BBB in March 2020.

“I learn and am inspired so much by others in the group, I also know I am fully supported by not just the BBB team but also a wider community of like minded people".


BBB has given Louise the confidence and determination to keep growing her business.

“I am now so much more confident to approach and connect with clients, thanks to BBB. I also have a much better understanding of the clients I want to work and I’m focussed on reaching out to them because I know I can provide a great service.

I joined BBB just as Covid hit and saw a lot of businesses, especially in my industry stop and back off due to all the uncertainty. BBB gave me the push I needed to make me keep going and work harder and that made all the difference.

BBB really has given me the confidence and encouragement to keep pushing and keep growing which is exactly what I needed to make my business a success. It’s a great place to ask any questions without feeling self conscious or receiving judgement.

It has definitely been worth the investment and has paid for itself quicker than I anticipated. You have to work but all the guidance and resources needed to be successful are right there".

What Louise loves the most about BBB is that they offer practical advice specifically tailored for where you’re at in your business.

"BBB is really different to other Business Development /Coaching groups. Their advice is always super targeted because they take the time to get to know your business, they will always tailor an answer so that it’s relevant for your industry or your stage of your business journey.

I love that you get to focus on what really matters for YOUR business. They are always conscious of helping you prioritise where to use the limited time or resources you have to the best effect.

Joining BBB makes a massive impact on the success of your business. I always feel fully supported and nurtured by a group of motivated and driven people.

There’s an element of tough love but you always feel supported and championed. They keep your ambition and goals in mind at all times and pick you up and put you back on the right path. I absolutely know I can run to any of the team with my worries and issues and they are there for me".

“Join BBB – it makes a massive impact on the success of your business”

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