James Foster
Being with BBB has really supported my personal development. It helped with confidence and more critically resilience.

"BBB supported my personal development. It helped massively with confidence and more critically resilience"



James has been in recruitment for almost 20yrs. 2 yrs ago he switched from agency type recruitment to in house recruitment where he joins the clients on a contract basis to do all the heavy lifting around recruitment for them. Overall this reduces the amount of time and cost that the client has to dedicate to doing all the recruitment themselves.

“I’ve not re-invented the wheel, just re-distributed the energy into the parts of the recruitment process I believe will make it run smoother, be more successful and overall more enjoyable.”

James loves helping ambitious Business owners enjoy growing their business through intelligent recruitment.

Working with a candidate to secure a role which moves their career forward, whilst at the same time helping a company find their next great hire, who will help take their business to the next level is very rewarding for James.


Before joining BBB, James struggled with his focus which impacted the growth of his business.

“Focus was my biggest challenge, and more recently I’ve come to realise that that encompasses a lot more than I originally thought. It includes strategy, client avatar, what product I’m delivering, who to and at what price. All of those things are distractions away from the core things I’m looking to deliver and I can get stuck in that distraction meaning I’m not making progress in growing my business".

Following some career coaching, BBB was recommended to James to help him reach the goals he wanted to implement in his business.

“I’d just completed some career coaching which helped me determine what I wanted personally. I then needed to implement what I’d learned and discovered in my business. Someone told me to look at BBB and recommended what they did and I thought it looked good. I was in the right place to fully utilise what BBB had to offer to their members".

The BBB group environment has provided a huge amount of support to James.

“Inclusion is the key thing for me. It’s hugely supportive and for a business owner it starts to remove that feeling of being on your own. It’s great to have an opportunity to have a network of people who you can discuss ideas and use them as a safe sounding board where you can test the water".


James has welcomed everything that BBB has to offer. He has gained a number of measurable benefits since becoming a member.

“Being with BBB has really supported my personal development. It helped with confidence and more critically resilience – If I got a knock back previously, I could lose weeks to that feeling and mindset but that doesn’t happen anymore".

"I made a commitment to self-improvement and I see BBB as part of the tools to achieve that".

"I’m clear and focussed and I now solidly average a good 7hrs of work per day which compared to before is a vast improvement. That’s had a massive impact on my business and that foundation and focus was started because I was with BBB".

"It's fantastic having the community and BBB team to challenge and test my thought processes to achieve the business model I want to deliver".

BBB has really helped James on his journey to reach considerable business growth.

“It’s focussed and driven so if your mindset is on growth then BBB is a no brainer. It’s brilliant if you’re on your own in business".

"If you’ve laid foundations and need support to grow then BBB is spot on".

“You need to be close to knowing what you need to be committing to in your business and then BBB will support you on the journey to implementing it".

"George Swift forces you to focus on the things that are important to your business. He is straight talking, insightful and doesn't pull punches!"

"Other Business Coaching options follow a formula that only fits at a certain point in time but BBB is great because it fits something for you as an individual more often – I always walk away from BBB sessions with something and that’s why it’s worth my time to keep showing up!"

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