Emma Rundle
Joining BBB is a no-brainer, if you can put the effort in, there is no doubt you will get results out. If you throw yourself into it 100% you can’t fail.

"I'm on track to hit 50% uplift in turnover!"


Melting Pot Creations is a content and copywriting business founded 7 years ago.

Melting Pot delivers profile-raising copywriting and content such as blogging, website copy and case studies, as well as helping business owners and executives to establish their personal brand as a thought leader on LinkedIn.


Emma has been described by her clients as inspirational, and an exceptional writer with "an amazing ability to pull out the key thread, phrasing and tone of the author immediately".

Emma's love for writing and words started very young as she wanted to be a journalist as a child. She went on to spend the majority of her career working in Corporate Communications roles.

She now specialises in writing content for Coaches, always taking a creative approach to ensure copy is engaging and effective.

Emma set up the business when she had 2 children just 18 months apart. She wanted the autonomy to be able to structure her own day to suit the needs of the business and the family. Having the flexibility of controlling her own working hours and removing the long commute were essential.


Before joining BBB, Emma's main challenge was business growth. She needed direction on how to do this successfully.

“I began to realise that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was qualified in the delivery of my business but not in how to actually run a business, yet so much of my time was spent doing just this.

I did ok business wise during the Covid lockdown so I knew that I had an in demand service and the business had potential to grow but I needed to know how I could actually make this happen.

I was keen to grow but didn’t have the resources or advice to really know how to go for that."

Emma was drawn to BBB because of George and Tracey's authentic coaching style and the fabulous community environment they have created.

“I was aware of BBB and when I heard George as a guest speaker, I really liked his frank and direct style. I found myself really tuned in to what he was saying and wanted to hear more.

I guess I was looking for a business coach but actually what I liked about BBB is that it was more than that. George and Tracey are fantastic coaches and the fact that they have lived and are living that business growth journey themselves is really authentic, as well as the coaching, you also get a wonderful community. It’s not the same as networking, there is a great balance of supporting and encouraging each other but there is also the dedicated space to talk openly and get support on my business when I need it.

Working alone you don’t really have anyone or anything you are truly accountable to beyond yourself so for me the accountability culture was also a big draw."

In February 2021, Emma joined BBB.


Emma has welcomed everything that BBB has to offer and has been really impressed with the results she is achieving through goal setting and accountability.

“When I joined BBB it was 1 week until I was straight into a monthly group session and I hadn’t yet set my goals so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was really shocked when I heard people were disappointed with hitting 85% of their goals and I knew that was going to be the environment to help me level up and be held accountable. It was so welcoming and I really felt like it was where I was meant to be.

The energy blew me away, it reignited an excitement and energy for my business. There is a real sense of camaraderie, no one takes themselves too seriously but everyone is ambitious and driven, it cemented that I was in the right place at the right time for me and my business.

The sense of potential was immense, I went from kind of floating around moving in the general right direction to having someone put their arms around me showing me a direct map of where to go. Everything shifted to being deliberate and purposeful.

Goal Setting is full on and not for the faint hearted but by God does it work! I love the personal aspect of goal setting as well as setting business goals. My personal life definitely affects how I deliver my business so why should these two things be separate. It’s also great to have a proper system to load and keep track of all your goals."

What Emma loves about the BBB group environment is that everyone is equally invested and celebrates each others successes as well as their own.

“Seeing examples of people like me who were proving that it can be done and are moving their businesses forward is aspirational and reassuring. The challenges are not unique so it makes you feel comfortable and that it’s all achievable.

Everyone is equally invested and genuinely happy to see each other succeed."

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