As a BBB member for several years now, I would not be where I am in my business without it. I have grown my business from scratch with the support of BBB, looking at my personal growth and business growth simultaneously.


In 2011, Emma discovered she had a spiritual gift that enabled her to connect with universal energy.

“I now make homes happier! I work to release poor energy in homes and replace it with positive energy.”


Emma Loveheart is a home healer who works on bringing positive energy to your home.


Ten years ago, Emma discovered she had a spiritual gift that enabled her to connect with universal energy. This discovery came very quickly and without warning. Emma, at the time working in HR, knew that she had to do something with this new gift.

Six years ago Emma spoke to George about wanting to explore this spiritual side of her. Emma had already experienced family and friends not understanding her newly found gift but George was open and accepting. She discovered that it was ok to do what she wanted to.

“BBB have supported me to overcome my fears, I saw 2 paths to take and one was glowing, so that’s the journey I made.”

Emma joined BBB because she realised that personal development was what she wanted and needed.

Having come from a fairly conventional and secure lifestyle Emma now faced financial, as well as personal, challenges in her new business. Emma had to work through emotional blocks whilst making her business work.

“Unfortunately, during this time, the person closest to me didn’t agree with my pursuits. After 24 years together I divorced my husband, lost contact with nearly all our friends, lost my dream home, and split up my family unit. I became a single person reliant on benefits to survive. Despite the change in my circumstances however, I never gave up on my business.”

“When I was going through my divorce I was struggling emotionally – Tracey simply said, ‘it’s not the worst thing that can happen Emma’ – it was blunt but was exactly what I needed to get back in the game!”

Investing in herself and back into the business has been a key learning for Emma. Even when money was tight Emma looked at whatever money she was spending and how it could create more opportunities.


“I had to put myself out there. I spent £5000 to take a speaking opportunity and no direct business came out of it but I still saw the success because I was moving forward, investing in myself and my business and putting myself out there.”

In Summer 2019, Emma had an article written about her healing work printed in The Daily Mail. This came with a massive influx of clients.

“The response was phenomenal. I had 1,300 hits that day on my website and nearly 200 emails. The enquiries and referrals are continuous as a result, but I was only able to initially manage the response because I had systems and support in place. I had a structured business and I was mentally strong because of the work we do in BBB.”

The wider BBB community has given Emma contacts, skills such as marketing and processes, and loads of support. She admits that sometimes it’s also given her the honest blunt comment that she needed to keep her moving forward.

“I’m now running a 6-figure business – I started at the beginning charging £75, now I can charge £350 and my intentions are to charge more as I develop and progress – even then I will still be continually investing back into the business. You have to believe in your worth and it will happen”.

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