"I survived 2020 and actually achieved 1yrs worth of revenue in the last 6 months of the year"


Genius is a creative agency where strategic and conceptual thinking are prized above all else.

"I survived 2020 and actually achieved 1yrs worth of revenue in the last 6 months of the year"


Emma started out in media sales and soon discovered writing clients’ ads was the bit she really liked. A few years of in-house digital and direct marketing showed her that she loved strategy as much as creative. As marketing director, Emma wasn’t getting enough time on either, so she then spent another few years in creative agencies to finesse her skills. Emma was then ready to go it alone. And thus, Genius was born.

“Genius prides itself on bringing the very best people into the fold.”


Prior to Genius, Emma had been working for a marketing agency but after having her first child, she realised it was going to be a challenge to go back full time and juggle the little one. Emma decided to go back as a freelancer but soon got bored of freelancing and a co-worker suggested that she should look at running her own agency.

Emma decided to do things a bit differently to the agencies she had worked for previously. She set up Genius in January 2016 and got rid of a lot of industry frustrations, promoted flexible working and also made sure that the creative got to work a lot more directly with the client. She started completely from scratch having to find new clients. It was just Emma and one other working at Genius when it started .


Things were very different for Emma before joining BBB.

“Before joining BBB in October 2018, I would describe myself as being “In Hell!” I felt like I should be able to make my business grow and make this work but it wasn’t happening.

I was great at the delivery for clients but I didn’t really know how to run a business and was making expensive mistakes. I felt really alone and really doubted if I could do it."

BBB got in touch with Emma at just the right time, she needed guidance and support to help grow her business.

“I got a LinkedIn message from Tracey inviting me to look at joining BBB which was a community of like minded business owners. It stood out to me, it sounded different to all the networking I’d tried and I needed something different."

"When I attended my first session I instantly felt real connection to people at a similar stage of business to me, I felt comfortable and I loved that people were really trying to help, support and solve each others problems, they weren’t there just to pitch for business – I needed this community of like minded people – I was in!"

Before and after joining BBB is like Night and Day for Emma.

“Before BBB. I had no confidence in building a team, now I happily recruit as soon as the growth merits it."


“I’m so much more confident and I’m super focussed on sales – I’d actually say I’m quite addicted to it now I’ve seen how I can make it work.”

Emma has embraced the BBB community and often provides valuable support to other members.

“Having a group of people you can ask anything of at any time is what I value most – it doesn’t matter if the question is about staff, client, juggling business and kids there’s always lots of support and input to move you forward."

"Personally I get as much from giving input and solutions to others as I do from getting help with the question I bring."

Since joining BBB Emma has grown her business to a team of 8 and achieved 1yrs worth of revenue in the last 6 months of 2020.

“I really noticed that BBB was like a parallel universe during Covid, people outside BBB I were speaking to were scared and unsure what to do. Whereas inside BBB there was concern but focus and determination..”

“I feel supported – Just after I joined BBB I had a really tough time in my business but Tracey picked me up, dusted me down and got me back on track."

“I’m growing my business, whereas before I wasn’t – but what’s really nice is I’m growing my business working with clients I really like – It brings me joy."

“Throughout lockdowns I was running my business and juggling two small children including home-schooling but I always made time for BBB – It never crossed my mind not to show up from my BBB sessions as it’s so important for me and my business.

"George is an inspirational intelligence and Tracey is a tiger mentor - protective, supportive, get’s you back up and fighting again!"

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