Whatever your stage of business, BBB has something for every issue you might face. But you need to implement what is right for your business at the right time. The feedback from a diverse group of business owners is so valuable.


As a branding expert with over 20 years of experience, Clare founded Strong & Together in 2010, to help clients build successful and profitable brands.

“Many of our clients retain us as a brand guardian working continually in partnership to develop their brand value


Branding Agency for SMEs in Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.


Before joining BBB, Clare was faced with some challenges.

“I had built a business based on word of mouth, referrals and local networking. This was great at the beginning but I reached a point of wanting to level up. I had so much more to offer my existing clients and I needed to be more proactive about attracting my target clients”.

Clare joined one of BBB’s Discovery Days and soon became a member.

“BBB offered something different. It was very different to the networking groups I was part of. BBB was on a different level and demonstrated how serious they were about my business and their other members business success”.

“The support and accountability offered at BBB is very attractive. In my discovery day, listening to both George and Tracey speak what they said really resonated with me and it was plain talking and it made sense. There is a real energy and proactiveness at BBB and a huge desire for me and all the other Businesses to succeed”.


“I am now much more strategic in my thinking for my business”.

Clare has embraced everything that BBB has to offer, especially with the goal setting strategy.

“The act of mapping out and physically writing down my goals and having a deadline has been hugely beneficial for me. This layered with the accountability makes me actually do stuff. I wrote targets and actions before but I was too easy on myself. At BBB I have to report on how I’m tracking and you don’t want to let that 100% success go”.

“I definitely have increased confidence. I’m happier to approach new clients and even make cold sales calls. I feel like I’m also now having the right types of conversation with the right prospective clients. I have a confidence in knowing what I’m doing is the right thing because I have to support and guidance of the group behind me. I know that even when I outsource work it is still my creative direction, quality, ethos and thinking that the client receives and my time is freed up to manage the bigger picture.

“Like many business owners not always been treated seriously and treated like I was just indulging in a hobby. I feel like I am now taken really seriously and that there is a different level of respect. I now feel as though I sit comfortably as a serious business owner”.

“If you’re a business owner that is serious about your business and you’re looking for advice and support without jargon, BBB is a straight talking great community full of business owners who will support you and back you but also challenge and test you”.

“Being able to tick off your goals also gives you a sense of achievement and celebration. If you are employed you have a boss to recognise your efforts and success. Goal setting and BBB replicates that for me so I get a real positive feeling when I can report that I’ve succeeded”.

Clare has seen some real measurable benefits since becoming a BBB member,

“I am now much more strategic in my thinking for my business. Rather than do all the delivery myself to save on costs I use freelance support to enable me to have the time to grow my business by dedicating my time to sales and business growth”.

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