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Candace Gerlach Case Study
"I don't know what I would be doing without BBB. I absolutely know that I wouldn't have had the confidence to keep going."

"I've gone from launching my business to exceeding my £150k target in just over 12 months."

The Conscious Marketing Group Ltd

The Conscious Marketing Group helps businesses find their authentic brand story and position themselves distinctively in a competitive marketplace.

The Conscious Marketing Group was founded on values; focusing on building honest, transparent relationships with clients whilst ensuring that human insight and brand story telling is at the heart of their communications.


Candace has over 15 years of marketing experience working predominantly client side. In that time she has developed marketing strategies and delivered award-winning, multi-channel brand campaigns to fuel business growth.

At the end of 2019 Candace had her second baby. Then after a year of Covid, seeing businesses trying to navigate their way through the chaos, it’s then she felt it was time to do something for herself. In July 2021 she founded The Conscious Marketing Group. A values based business built on collaboration, diversity of thought and integrity - with the aim to help businesses of all shapes and sizes think differently about their marketing - to attract and retain the right kind of customer.

Candace joined BBB for our Success Groups Launch programme in January 2022 and graduated to become a Build Member and continue her business growth.


Candace had a wealth of marketing experience, but coming from a corporate background had no idea how to set up and grow her own successful business.

“Before I joined BBB I really struggled to get the business off the ground.

“I think sales were my biggest blocker. I was putting too much pressure on getting that first client and that impacted my confidence.

“I felt pretty lonely and isolated when I started my business, especially as there was lots going on for me personally. Working from home alone, after being in an office environment, was really challenging - I needed to find a community of people that would motivate me along the journey.”

Candace knew that she needed some support to help her get the right building blocks in place. That's when she found BBB.

“I knew I needed something to help me. I’ve got the experience but for some reason the thought of ‘selling it’ felt overwhelming. I was losing myself slowly, until I met Tracey!

“Tracey explained how BBB would help me productise my business, help me sell it, and became the support I needed to get it off the ground.

“I needed to find a community that got me. An environment that was going to push me, support me and give me a kick up the arse I needed - and that's exactly what BBB does.

“They helped me understand how to break things down and work hard in the right areas to make this business a success. They’re compassionate and gritty. And it’s a combination of all this that made me choose BBB.


Through step-by-step education and training and the structured environment of masterminds, goal setting and support…

“...George and Tracey helped me see the steps I needed to take to get my business off the ground. They gave me authentic support and have told me when I’m not doing what I should be doing.

“BBB has really given me the confidence to go out and have good conversations with potential clients and partners. They’ve helped me believe I’m good at what I do and given me a process which is flexible and effective.

"When I’m having conversations potential clients I don’t even think about selling! The difference in the conversations I’m having is worlds apart from where it was. It doesn’t feel like I’m following a script or trying too hard, I’m just talking passionately about what I do and winning clients that way.

"BBB encouraged me to stretch my target from £120k annual revenue to £150k and I’m on track to end the year on £200k”

Candace found the supportive culture at BBB invaluable in helping her maintain her motivation.

"I've never felt so lonely as when I set up my business. It was really hard to motivate myself, but meeting an amazing group of like-minded business owners at BBB really helped me.

“The people in BBB are amazing humans, they’ve really helped me through the last 18 months. In those moments where I thought I couldn’t do this anymore, BBB were experts in turning me around and getting me to refocus. They’ve helped me find clarity, and break down challenges to overcome them. They checked in and held me accountable, which I’m really grateful for.

"Finding a pack that I could feel part of really motivated me through the journey. "

Candace fully embraced everything that BBB has to offer. The expert advice, support and community has helped her gain clarity, drive and momentum which has set her up for continued success and business growth.

“I’ve found the open question format in our sessions one of the biggest highlights of being in BBB. Being sat on a challenge, and having the opportunity to bring that challenge to the table, to work through in a team environment, was super-beneficial to me. Also, I had no idea how helpful it was going to be to listen to everyone else’s questions too. 9 times out of 10, a question will be asked and the answer is a key takeaway for me, something I hadn’t even thought about asking myself.

“I really look forward to the big events – it's where I get my energy and my motivation from. Not only is it the awesome content, but it's also the atmosphere, the whole vibe. You're sat at a table with like-minded people and you get to build those relationships."

“George and Tracey have been there and done it - it gives them gravitas. They live and breathe the entrepreneurial journey and are able to help other businesses along on theirs. I’ve spoken to coaches in the past, and don’t believe they’ve worked in the same capacity and environment as George and Tracey have to build their business. I feel like, ‘Oh my God, why did I not speak to BBB sooner?!

“BBB really held me accountable and I really needed that.

“There is this amazing blend of motivation, candidness, get off your arse and do it, and loving support.

"I’m now making my first hire, a Creative Director, and will be looking to make my second hire quite quickly.

"I would absolutely recommend BBB. I would not be where I am today without them."