Big Push and Fight Harder | THE DAILY – G #104

Big Push and Fight Harder | THE DAILY – G #104

Big Push and Fight Harder.

Today is Friday so don’t forget to give it a big push, fight harder and finish the week strong.

I am flying to Crete this morning, but not for a holiday. I am will be working on my new book and I am on a very tight schedule as it has to be ready for Expert Empires in November. Ready to put my head down and get some work down on the book and other bits and pieces that need to be done ahead of launching our Success Groups Online.

Before I say good night, a little bit of accountability for you: did you do what you needed to do today and this week in order to keep you, your life and your business on track to achieving your goals and ultimately the ambitious that you have for them?

If you did it, well done! Take it easy and enjoy your weekend. If you didn’t do what you have to do. Work Saturday, work Sunday, wake up early and go to bed late. Do everything you need to do in order to keep yourself on track and if you keep doing it, you will ultimately achieve your goals. Make it count!

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