Big Goals

When we told a prospective BBB member how many of our members achieved 100% of their goals in 2020, they said, “Well, that shows me that these guys didn’t set big goals.” 

Kinda got the hairs standing up on the back of my neck!!   

These guys set their goals were set before we knew what was coming in January.  They were big goals! 

There was a lot of pivoting that needed to be done, and lots of re-strategising and rethinking about how they were going to achieve these goals.  

But let me tell you, these guys set massive goals last year and then they stepped up and achieved them.  

  • Doubling revenue 
  • Tripling profit 
  • Substantially growing their businesses 
  • Bringing in new product and service lines  
  • Levelling up on the clients that they were serving  

And they showed up for them no matter what kept getting thrown at them.  

So this is a big up to them. BBB members, you rock! 

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