Beckie Towle

The Events Raccoon

In 17 days I went from
£35k pipeline to £61k pipeline


Chief Amazement Officer & Founder
The Events Raccoon

In 2016, Beckie set up The Events Raccoon. She wanted a lifestyle business, where the culture of the business reflected her beliefs in the work she wanted to deliver. Personal, unique and ultimately an amazing experience. She started with nothing. She couldn’t bring any of the clients she had previously worked with to her new business. She had to go out and find them. So, a Google pin drop in her local area, combined with guts and determination, paid off. Beckie secured her first local client who has gone on to refer 50% of her current client base.


Before setting up her event management and consultancy, The Events Raccoon, Becki spent 10 years in corporate events, working for large companies that took her all over the world. In the later years, her employer was bought out by another company, and the environment became quite tough and challenging. It was at this point, Beckie decided to take a career break. She travelled for 3 months and then had an ‘epiphany.’

“I can run my own events agency…
It’ll be a walk in the park!”



We go above and beyond to understand your requirements and use our vast industry understanding, insight into the market and first-hand experience to bring your event to life.


Things were going well, and in her second year, with an increasing client base to manage, Beckie was in a position to hire staff.

“I thought I could start stepping back from delivery when I started hiring my team, so I could focus on developing the business… but as soon as I took my foot off the gas, the business began to slow down. I thought the numbers were working short term, but I had no future strategy, I was stuck”

It got more challenging as time went by. Beckie had no doubt she could deliver, however, everything shifts when you take on staff. “You’re not just taking on people, you’re taking on their wellbeing and mortgages too!”

The biggest challenges for Beckie were the gaps in her game. She did not have the expertise and experience to run and grow a team and a business.

“Just because you’re an engineer, doesn’t mean you can run a car business. You’re the smartest person at your own board table, but without the skill set, you are the biggest limiting factor. I knew I needed help, the business just wasn’t growing. I just needed to know what to do when, and the challenge and accountability to make me do it… and that’s when I joined BBB.”

Beckie joined BBB in April 2019.


Things were going well and, in her second year, with an increasing client base to manage, Beckie was in a position to hire staff.

“By applying my learning through BBB, I have seen not only immediate results but long-term results too.”

£35k pipeline to £61k pipeline in 17 days

157% increase in revenue in 7 months

308% increase in pipeline from 2019 to 2020

Beckie has embraced everything that BBB has to offer. She’s been able to overcome some pretty huge challenges, including some that, before BBB, would have meant an end to her business.

“BBB gives us the tools and possibilities and we make it happen. Instead of stripping the business of its outgoings when the shit hits the fan, you throw everything BBB have to offer at it, to nurture it back to good health… With the support of the BBB team, I have learned to never give up.”

Beckie has worked hard on understanding her ideal client, and positioning. She is now working with higher calibre clients, with budgets she never thought she could have taken on before.

“Before building my confidence, and the belief I could do this though BBB, this would never have been possible. I used to be a panicky person, just reacting all the time, but now I have a far better understanding of the human condition and the subconscious, I am able to manage that far better.

“I have gone from muddling through, and not realising I was a procrastinator, to now, just 7 months down the line, having focus and drive coupled with knowledge and trusting a strategy that will take me though the next 13 years, at which point it will pay for my retirement at aged just 50!

“I have the freedom now, that being a business owner can bring, because I know own my choices, I’m in control, and that’s down to applying the BBB Goal Setting Strategy… To anyone considering joining BBB, just step up, step in and do it – you will never look back.

“George is absolutely fucking bonkers; he has got more energy than you can shake a stick at. I have never come across anyone in my life with more passion for what they do. He’s energising, revitalizing, and real.

“Thank you, to the whole BBB family… you literally change lives… Next stop, BBB Extreme Growth Mastermind!

“Joining BBB was the best thing I ever did. It took me out of that ‘deer in the headlights’ scenario, by giving me the tools and support as well as the focused time I needed to develop a long-term strategy for my business… it’s transformed my business, it really has”

12 November 2020


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