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Rob Goddard

CEO and Founder of Evolution Complete Business Sales



Evolution Complete Business Sales does 3 things: it helps client grow, buy and sell businesses. They work with all businesses over £1M turnover but their sweet spot is businesses turning over between £5M and £15M. Rob mostly works with UK centric businesses but has an International footprint and has sold businesses in Europe, US and Middle East.


Like many business owners, Rob started out as one man with a laptop in his back bedroom. He had ambition to grown beyond himself and sought investment and create working capital to develop and 2011 Evolution was born.



“I joined BBB right at the beginning because it is lonely. I started as a one-man band and I have 12-staff now, but when I first started it was just me, a broadband connection in the bedroom. It is lonely out there as an entrepreneur, so I wanted to be with like-minded people in order to share the highs and the lows of running a business, getting some traction.”


Rob had worked on a 1:1 basis with Tracey when BBB launched Success Groups in 2012. It offered a place where like-minded, ambitious business owners come together to develop their personal performance, ask advice, give advice, feel valued and grow.



I reviewed other Mastermind Groups before I joined BBB and couldn’t find the credibility I was looking for, but I did find it in George Swift. He’s a master at Mindset, Attitude, Behaviour and Culture and he participates fully in the Mastermind sessions providing valuable insight, tools and techniques to challenge your thinking, break past your own perceived limitations and expand potential. He’s honest and authentic and invites you to be the same. It’s very refreshing.


“BBB Mastermind is a creative forum for ideas and innovation and importantly for implementation and accountability. To give just a couple of examples, I have recently launched in Dubai which has generated 6figures in fees in a month. I wouldn’t have considered foreign opportunities if it hadn’t been for Mastermind. Also, the idea for an online business valuation tool came from the group and is now active on the website successfully acting a gateway for generating business.



There’s a saying that goes, “You can only sharpen iron with another piece of iron.” BBB Mastermind provides the perfect architecture for this. You are challenged in the group by people who don’t have the same views as you and who don’t run the same business as you, and that friction sharpens you up as a business owner. It’s an incredibly healthy dynamic if you’re ambitious and want to grow. I have 50 meetings a month with business owners who think their problems are unique.


There are nuances but ultimately the principles for growth and success are the same regardless of industry or even experience, and that’s comforting!”



Rob wrote his first book as a direct result of BBB. “I watched other people in the room write a book and I realised they were just like me.


BBB took the mystique of writing a book away and helped me address my avoidance caused by dyslexia and I went on to write “The 11 Commandments and 7 Cardinal Sins of Selling a Business”, which is now an Amazon best seller and has contributed to over £100k in fees.