Lottie Moore The Differentiation Doula





Lottie Moore

The Differentiation Doula



Lottie Moore – The Differentiation Doula, coming alongside those ready to stand out from the sea of competition and take the leap into their extraordinary. Lottie works with the aspirational to bring about deep change and growth, and loves supporting those that are ready to play full out to allow that to happen.


Her focus is on enabling her clients to have the confidence and skills in place to live life beyond their limitations, allowing them to step out of their comfort zone to explore what change is needed, and support them to get this in place, smoothly and efficiently.


Through Mindset Metaphors Lottie also trains other change-makers, coaches, and consultants, to work with life-changing empowerment metaphors.  Best known as Master Firewalk Instructor, this also includes a full range of highly impactful activities such as Glass Walking, Board Breaking, and Arrow Snapping with the throat.



A year before joining BBB Success Groups, Lottie had set herself the challenge to 4x her income. She did successfully, however she then felt she had hit a ceiling.


“I still wanted more growth, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue on my journey to more business growth – I needed accountability. When you work on your own you need discipline and a room full of other people who understand the journey you are on”.



Lottie joined BBB Success Groups and found that putting herself in an environment of hungry, ambitious business owners, gave her the permission to be the same. It was ok to be hungry and want more.


“I would really encourage someone considering joining Success Groups, to just do it. It’s a great environment for growing your business, as long as you are prepared to do the work. If you’re prepared to learn, share and work hard, it’s the perfect place for you.”


“George and Tracey are awesome, the dynamic between them shines through, supportive and serious about YOU and I know they want me to succeed.”


“The venue is amazing – I even arrive early to session, so I can do some work in the peaceful environment.”



“When I joined BBB I wanted to double my yearly income – I’m halfway to doubling my income within the first 3 months! It’s amazing.”


“I’ve been on holiday for a week, and come home to £6k worth of referrals, 2 of which came directly from other Success Group members.”


“I’m clearer about who I want to work, and which clients I want to work with. Last year I was running a lot of my own events, now I’m putting my energy into finding bigger clients that will book me for an event, and pay me to be there.  My average client has gone from £70 – £1500k.” I’ve grown in confidence to work with bigger clients.



“My drive is so much greater. I feel like I’ve been given permission to be hungry for it. I’ve always been quite committed, but when you are put in a room of people who are hungry, it gave me the freedom to be too. I’m now going for £250k within the 24 months!”


“Before joining BBB, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move on from small, local networking. Now, my next move is more speaking gigs, and I have the confidence to pull on the pool of resources and expertise in Success Groups, for recommendations on the right place to speak.”


“I find a key takeaway from every session and go away and implement it in my business. I put it straight into action.”