Levelling Up: Extreme Business Growth Podcast

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Levelling up: Extreme Business Growth

When what was once extraordinary becomes ordinary, you know you’ve levelled up. Welcome to the levelling up podcast.

Hi, I’m George Swift from Bigger Brighter Bolder, I’m also the founder of BBB Success Groups for ambitious entrepreneurs and Extreme Growth Masterminds. I have over 25 years working on mindset and personal performance, having worked with individuals, sports teams and executive teams. Since 2011 I have worked almost exclusively with ambitious business owners.


I have personally mentored over 400 business owners and have helped small businesses grow from £40k to over £400k, £25k a year to over £25k per month and from £1k per month to over £8k in just 7 months. I’ve mentored businesses through my Extreme Growth Masterminds to achieve incredible results such as one business going from £150k to £350k, to £750k, to £1.5M to £2.2M in consecutive years, while constantly improving profit. I’ve also seen one member go from his back bedroom to £multiple-million revenues.


The content in this podcast comes straight out of Success Groups and Extreme Growth Masterminds and until now, has largely been locked behind our closed doors. This podcast gives you the personal development, the entrepreneurial development and the business growth that you, an ambitious entrepreneur, need in order to take you and your business to the next level.


I’m here to give you the inspiration, the motivation and to challenge your aspirations to take you and your business to the next level.
I’m on a mission to help small business owners achieve the success and lifestyles they want and I believe, they deserve.


I have a no b******t approach and get straight to the point. If you’re serious about levelling up, subscribe and never miss an episode.