Chris Jones Nymad






Chris Jones

Director, Nymad



Nymad is a database management and data integration specialist providing solutions to reduce cost and complexity whilst improving performance. As an Oracle Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Partner they specialise in providing managed services and consultancy across Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source technology stacks.


Chris is one of two founders and the COO of the business responsible for Sales, Marketing and Service Delivery.



Nymad was founded in 2011 and the team managed to grow the business in a tough economic climate. The main issue was focus. They were looking for their niche and in the meantime chasing business everywhere and not saying no to anything.


Chris was soul searching as to whether the business was growing at the rate it could be and whether there was a better way.


They were successful, so it wasn’t that they were doing badly, but could they do better, and if so, how?



BBB Success Groups is the club for ambitious business owners who want more than they have today. To be successful we need to work on both the internal (personal) and external (business) environments as the two work in tandem. BBB Success Groups provides the perfect blend of development, education, accountability and support to allow you to do just that.


“When I heard George speak, he was someone that talked scientifically about personal development, the brain and the chemistry, I got it, I bought into it, I joined.”



“This year we have doubled our revenue, we’re making more money and we are more productive as a business and BBB Success Groups has had a significant impact on that.


BBB Success Groups keeps me on track and maintains my focus on where we‘re heading through some of the tough times we have as business owners. Everything I commit to is documented and I am held accountable to what I said I was going to do. My business partner has noticed the renewed vigour and focus and how much tighter we are as a business, dropping the things that are unnecessarily consuming time and focusing on the good stuff. As I’ve become so much more efficient, I can more easily see ways to introduce efficiencies in to the business and I am constantly looking at ways to get a better result.”



“If you are thinking: “I already run a £1m business, what can you do for me?”, the answer is SO MUCH! You don’t fully appreciate the impact BBB has until you embark on the journey yourself. I joined primarily for the focus and accountability and got more than I bargained for being able to share thoughts and ideas with people completely outside on my usual circle.”


“Don’t put off by what you think might be “Hippy Shit”. It doesn’t define the group at all. Everyone is on their own unique journey and your success is drive by your ambition.”