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Anne Skelton
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Anne founded Serenity Holistic Therapies in 2005. Suffering back pain, muscle tension and stress for many years, She found back massage was her only source of lasting relief.


So, Anne studied massage therapy, anatomy and physiology and set up Serenity Holistic Therapies in 2005, on a quest to pass on long- term pain relief to others, having benefited from this herself.


Working from their beautiful salon, based in Anne’s garden, Anne and her daughter work hard to create an ‘oasis of calm’ which stays with clients long after they leave the salon.
“The care of the client is at the centre of everything we do.”



Anne’s business was previously going well. 8 years ago, Anne’s youngest daughter arrived. Now a new mum again, and supported financially by her husband, Anne took the decision to go part-time, focus on her family, and not on her business.


As her daughter started primary school, Anne felt she could invest time and push her business again. She no longer wanted her husband working long hours, she wanted to support the household financially, and that meant making money a priority. The challenge was where to start, and during this period, Anne became very low.


“I had been working ‘sooo’ part-time for so long, had lost clients, and confidence – it was
like starting from scratch all over again”.



Being local in Berkshire, Anne had known Tracey and George for many years, but had never taken Tracey up on her invitations to see what BBB was all about. Now the time was right, and Anne joined the Foundation Programme two years ago.


“It’s a great environment to be in to motivate you to do what you need to do. The members are helpful, encouraging, and when we share and hear others successes, it spurs you on to create more and more successes for yourself.”


“The session where we focussed on stress, and I was able to recognise my own stress, was a real game changer for me.”


“Do it, you won’t regret it. If you do regret it you’re not working hard enough. It’s about giving up the right amount of time and energy for your business, so you end up doing more of things you love.”


“George is awesome, humble and honest. He says it how it is and he doesn’t hold back. Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but you’ve just got to listen and do it.”


“Success Group Members are a great bunch of people. George and Tracey are so encouraging, motivating, and full of praise and recognition for the commitment you make. There are lots of opportunities to enable you to focus on different angles of your business”



“I am so busy now, booked up back to back, I’ve needed to increase staff so after welcoming my daughter to the team a few years ago on a part-time basis, I have been able to increase her hours.”


“I’ve doubled my turnover since embracing the BBB Sales challenge this year.”


“I just grit my teeth and crack on with it now. I’m no longer procrastinating, I’m taking action and get what needs to be done, done.”


“I’ve gained 300 new clients in just over a year. I’ve now raised the calibre of my clients, who will pay my prices. I’m finally charging my worth, and not allowing anyone, or anything, to undervalue the service that I offer.”



“I’m so driven now, with a positive attitude. I embrace tasks that challenge me, because I am seeing the results of my hard work in my business.”


“I have felt very low at times, not knowing how I was going to make my business work, and provide for me and my family. But now through the content and support I’ve discovered at BBB I’ve reduced my stress, and have become a very determined person. I believe in myself and my business.”


“I am a much happier, planned and organised business owner now. The next challenge is to level up, and carve in the time to grow my business even further with the support of BBB.”