BBB Board Meetings

BBB Board Meetings

😳 Do you do quarterly reviews?
🤔 They are more valuable than you might think.
🥴 Ever heard the phrase, “If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result”…?


Increasing your income in a successful business is about continually evolving. It’s not comfortable, which is why most people don’t do it, but it’s utterly necessary if you want to continue to grow. Quarterly reviews (done well) offer you 4 solid evolution and personal growth opportunities throughout the year. We see the difference in those that have really shown up to this and those that don’t.

At BBB, we’ve just held our quarterly board meetings. Each of our Mastermind members come together to reflect on the previous quarter and look ahead at the next one.
* What went well
* What didn’t?
* What are they going to leave in Q2
* What are the core goals for Q3?

Our members have consistently shown up through the whole of March, April and May, in many cases resulting in significant spikes in sales for June. Pretty impressive given the climate. 🎉

I’m utterly proud of these guys and totally blown away by their sheer focus and determination. 😍

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