Looking to nail networking?
We know that for some business owners, the thought of networking can bring them out in cold sweats, fear of standing alone and having no idea how to break into those conversation circles.
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Networking doesn’t have to be like this
We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and getting a good pipeline of leads is rarely the problem. In fact, there are often bigger problems at play which means that even if you do have an endless supply of leads, your business still won’t grow. You need to get the foundations right first before you put more time, energy and money into chasing leads.
Networking is a science, not a skill that you’re born with

You don’t have to be born with natural charisma to become a great networker. You simply need to learn a few tactics and tips to get the most out of every networking session.

We’ve put these together in a handy document for you so that you can start finding the right leads at the right events.

Follow the tips and see how much difference it will make for your business.

Start making networking work for your business

Download 8 Top Tips for Networking


Julia Blake

Julia Blake – Blake Consultants

“I’d known George and Tracey for some time before joining BBB through networking, there was no way we weren’t going to find each other at some stage, it was a great fit. I knew that they would provide what I needed…a safe space to be ambitious and the proud business owner that I was inside.

At BBB there is always someone there to pick you up when you’ve fallen, it’s incredibly supportive and safe and the concept of BBB being a community is so apparent. The BBB community and the BBB team are always there. What George & Tracey have created at BBB to support and guide ambitious business owners is their purpose and they have an amazing team around them who share the same ethos and values.”

“We met at a networking thing. [refers to Tracey] And you said, ‘Just come along,’ and I said, ‘That’s not for me… but I did, and it struck a chord.

So, I’m really pleased. A year on and I’m not thinking about leaving. You have to find the chemistry which works for you.

Having a group of people that can help you, makes an enormous amount of difference. You’re not alone.”

Simon Fenton – Fenton Elliott

About BBB

Bigger Brighter Bolder is a membership organisation that’s had a measurable, proven and positive effect on business growth for 9 out of 10 of its members.

We’re a one-stop shop, offering a complete toolkit to build the business you want to run, and boost your earnings. You enjoy all the benefits of courses, books, peer group support and coaching, for a fraction of the cost of doing these things individually.

The BBB team is led by George Swift and Tracey Miller who between them offer a 20-year track record of building small businesses into more fulfilling, more profitable and more owner-friendly organisations.

Start making networking work for your business

Download 8 Top Tips for Networking
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