6-Figure Fast Track Webinar

Leap ahead of your competition and set yourself up for massive success

The 6 mistakes 5-figure businesses make that keep them small

The 3 things that will take you to 6-figure and beyond

The 1 simple thing you can do to set yourself up for massive success

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6-Figure Fast Track Webinar

Thursday 21th February


This event is specifically designed for small service-based businesses looking to break free of 5-figure.

Put the date in your diary and join us live for the webinar and Q&A

This Workshop is For You If…

You want to earn 6-figure in the next 12 months

You're an ambitious service-based business owner including, marketing, coaching, therapy, HR, recruitment, film, photography, beauty therapy, hairdressing, web-designing, digital marketing, finance, copywriting, property investment, IT solutions, etc

Your business has been struggling to break free from the traps of low-middle 5-figure

Your business is on the move and you want to avoid the pitfalls on your way to achieving 6-figure revenues

You've lost sight of what's possible in your business

You're great at what you do but your income isn't reflecting it

You're doing 5-figure now but you're as ambitious as hell and want to take on the world

You want to believe in your business and its ability to be successful

You want to unlock your business potential and clear the way to your first 6-figure

FREE webinar for ambitious business owners like you

What you will take home from this webinar

Find out the 5 reasons small business fail

Uncover the 3 things that will take you to 6-figure and beyond

Discover the 1 simple thing you can do to leap ahead of your competition and set yourself up for massive success

If your business is 6-figure ready and if not, what you can do about it

Has your current business model got what it takes to hit 6-figure and what needs to change

How our tried and tested approach to Masterminding and creating success cultures can help you MAKE HUGE LEAPS FORWARD IN BUSINESS GROWTH

If you have you have a 6-figure or failure mindset

Leave with an instant 6-figure attitude upgrade

What activities you can stop or drop immediately so you can focus on what's going to get you growing fast!

About George Swift

George Swift Mastermind

George has an authentic rawness coupled with a no-nonsense, ‘tell it how it is’ approach to tackling the complex issues we face in our business life. His sharp observations and even sharper wit will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat as he raises your expectations, potential and performance for achieving greater levels of business success.

He inspires possibility where there was doubt, certainty where there were fear and aspiration where the was lethargy, apathy or frustration. His talks, seminars and workshops are high paced, intensely evocative and jammed packed with useful and enlightening content. He leaves nothing on the field and will squeeze value into every second he’s in front of you.

Bring your notepad and an open mind because it’s about to get real!


Sarah Southey – The Southey Way

“I love George’s amazing, down to earth, “say it how it is” presentation style. It’s informal and relaxed and you feel like he’s in it with you rather than just telling you what to do.”


Sara Southey round

Chris Jones – Nymad

” What drew me to Success Groups in the first place was the element of science that goes along with the mindset; the explanation behind behavioural science. George puts it across in such a way that I really bought into it. It’s something I can understand, it’s tangible in the world I live in and George’s delivery is just a wonder to behold.”


Tory Wagg – Panthera Accounting

“George is an inspirational person to have in the room. He has this incredible way of being quite tough but also incredibly kind at the same time. He has a way of bringing out the truth in me.

George is not for everyone but everyone should listen to him at least once to see. If he’s right for you, he can change your mindset so much that, it completely changes your world!”

Tory-Wagg round

This webinar will be crammed packed with enlightening insight and tangible stuff for you to implement.

Unlock your business potential and clear the way to your first 6-figure!

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!