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67 Kick-Arse Philosophies

for Small Business Owners

Small businesses don’t fail, their owners do!

67 Kick-Arse Philosophies is a guide to Personal Performance and Extreme Business Growth for small business entrepreneurs.

It can be hard to remember all the things you need to remember when you need to remember them: like remembering that sales should be the primary driver in your business, or that it’s vital to take time out to work on and develop yourself, even when your back is against the wall.

It’s important to remember you’re playing a long game, and that even when you want to give up, if you push yourself just a little harder, you’ll achieve incredible results.

This little e-book is packed with small business philosophies that sometimes stick two-fingers at what’s spouted as ‘conventional wisdom’ and occasionally spells out the bleeding obvious. Read it from cover to cover, then regularly dip into it to remind yourself what it is you’re meant to be remembering as you continue your journey of entrepreneurial success.

George Swift


”George is inspirational. He takes theories, personal anecdotes, motivational research and practical examples and weaves them all together to create a humorous, robust, thought-provoking narrative. He blends tactical suggestions with strategic insights and personal development nuggets in an engaging and practical way.”

Laura Kean

Kean Learning and Development Ltd

Richard Linden

”George is incredibly talented in the way he simplifies and delivers his content. He has so much insight and knowledge on what it is to be human and our behaviours. It makes so much sense, you can’t help but create change.”

Richard Linden


Emma Ewing

”Some people talk a good game but don’t deliver. George delivers 100% every time. He consistently provides advice, challenge and accountability for business owners - all wrapped up in a great sense of humour and a no-nonsense style.”

Emma Ewing

Big Fish Training - PR Specialists


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