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Shout out to Annie Hall


Big shout out to Annie Hall of Phase Two!  

Annie has been instrumental in helping us get the new design of BBB Success Groups out to the market – she’s just such a joy to work with.  

I’ve been working with Annie for years now, actually. Annie did our previous design and she’s been fully participating in this recent redesign of BBB.  

Fear of the future


I work with lots of business owners on a day-to-day basis and something’s coming up consistently at the moment. And I wonder if you are feeling the same.  

Is the fear of the potential of what might happen in the future actually stopping anything at all from happening today?  

Last year many business owners froze, and the biggest single thing that we did for business owners last year was to keep them moving. Action, that’s aligned with the goals you want to achieve, is the thing that is going to get you back on track quicker than anything.  

Freezing, stopping, panicking about the future, is not.